Mount Polley Cover-Up Continues

Mount Polley Disaster

Mount Polley Mine Tailings Pond Collapses: A major environmental disaster occurred in British Columbia, Canada in early August when a man-made lake filled with contaminated water and toxic mine waste collapsed and contaminated the surrounding area. The incident took place in the Cariboo region of BC involving an area including Quesnel Lake, the Fraser River and much more. Mount Polley mines copper and gold. Millions of cubic meters of water, ground up rock, and chemicals were stored in the ‘pond’ which was about 4 sq. km. in size.

According to Environment Canada, many tonnes of Arsenic, Mercury, Lead, Cadmium and a variety of other toxins were loosed into the surrounding area.  Some of these toxins are dangerous at ANY level of exposure.

Cover Up: The British Columbia Government, acting it seems on behalf of the Mining Industry, has done its best to cover up this disaster which occurred on the morning of August 4, 2014. The public has been told that there are few if any environmental problems. The Water Is Safe and The Fish Are Safe … that is the message. And with that message of ‘safety’ put into the public’s mind, the story is now being removed from the news.

UNFORTUNATELY, THOUSANDS OF TONNES OF MATERIALS OF VARIOUS LEVELS OF TOXICITY HAVE BEEN PLACED INTO OUR ENVIRONMENT. The poisons will spread, and a price will have to be paid. What is that price?  We have no idea, and this is what is being covered up.

Why is there such silence from the Politicians and Media on the important issue of the pollution of us and our environment. Don’t we want to know what the impacts are?  Shouldn’t we know the price that we – and our environment, and our future – are going to pay for this failure on the part of the Mining Industry and the Top Politicians in this province. If we don’t know the environmental costs, how can we know how to proceed into the future with the mining industry? And yet we are getting no information. Why not?

WHAT ARE THE ENVIRONMENTAL AND HEALTH IMPACTS OF THE MOUNT POLLEY DISASTER?  This is an important question, and we deserve answers. But neither the Politicians nor the Media are giving us any.

What can we do?  You can get contact info for YOUR MLA via this number: 1 (800) 663-7867 or at (250) 387-6121 in Victoria.

And please contact your local media as well. Ask them:  Arsenic .. Mercury .. Lead .. etc… is this safe?  What else has been put into our environment, and how much of it. Who and what is going to be poisoned?  Why is there no public inquiry into this very important issue?  Why have you released these poisons and now you won’t tell us what’s going on?  What’s wrong with you people?

It is up to us … if WE do not act, then the cover up will continue and succeed.

Jack Etkin:
The Bridge News Service

* This Post was also published on The Progressive Mind.

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