The Mount Polley Inquiry Is A Cover-Up

After only two weeks, it looks as if the Mining Industry and our Corporate Politicians and Media are successfully sweeping the entire disaster under the rug.

Mount Polley may be the single biggest man-made environmental disaster’ in the history of the province. But that was last week. As of August 19th the problem seems to have been ‘contained’.

The Government has put in place an ‘Independent Inquiry’. The province’s Corporate Owned Media are moving on to new stories. And the opposition NDP will barely say the word ‘environment’. Everyone is just worried about ‘restoring public confidence in the mining industry’ … so they can do it to us again.


As Steven Hume wrote in the Vancouver Sun on August 18th … 1000 tonnes of Arsenic, 625 tonnes of Lead, 5 tonnes of mercury (and many thousands of tonnes of other compounds) have now been loosed into our environment. Many of these are dangerous at any level of exposure.

And the Independent Inquiry WILL NOT EVEN LOOK at this environmental disaster.
That is the trick that Bill Bennett is playing on us – without a word of criticism from the corporate media or the NDP. The Single Biggest Environmental Disaster in the history of the province is being completely swept under the rug. Well done Bill Bennett and Christy Clark and John Horgan and Corporate Media. You are doing your work for Corporate Canada very well.

We are told that ‘the water is safe’. We are told by Mr. Bennett that the entire disaster is similar to a mudslide … And as the toxins bio-accumulate through the plant life and fish and wildlife in the region and the planet – and cause whatever problems they do … no one will ever be told.

The environmental and health problems are just beginning. They will go on for years and decades and perhaps centuries as these poisons circulate through us and our environment. But the people who run this province don’t seem to care. IF THEY CARED, THE INDEPENDENT INQUIRY WOULD LOOK INTO THESE ISSUES.

The only thing that can stop our corporate rulers is a public outcry … but there is little chance that will happen because the media and the opposition NDP will not lead us – but will as usual just betray us.

This is just like Fukushima, and the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, and the Genetic Contamination of our entire food supply and a hundred other things. The Corporations are completely out of control and they are very happy to murder us and destroy our planet as long as profits continue flowing into their pockets.

We need to change our ways. We have got to reduce our consumption and use less of everything. That’s what this incident – and a hundred others – are telling us. But we are being betrayed by our leaders. Can we overcome them and try to save ourselves and our planet.

This is a matter of life and death now … can we do it?

Jack Etkin:
The Bridge News Service

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