Corporate Media Undermining Democracy in Canada

not corporatocracy

(The Bridge News Service:  August 31, 2014)

The word ‘democracy’ is  being mentioned more often in Canada as Canadians see their democracy disappearing.

The basic problems in Canada are twofold:

1.We do not have ‘A Free Press’ in Canada. All big Canadian media are owned by Corporate Canada and used as a Propaganda Machine to control our country, our society, and our resources and wealth. The Corporate Media controls Canada.

2. We no longer have a democracy in Canada. Democracy means ‘government of the people’. In Canada we have ‘government of the corporations’. The Corporations control Canada’s top politicians and political parties. Our Politicians do not work for us or care about us, they work for Corporate Canada and do as they are told on all important issues. And if they don’t, The Corporate Media will ruin them.  That’s why our health care system is breaking down, and why there is so much debt, poverty and environmental destruction. These things ARE the corporate agenda.  The corporations are gaining fortunes by destroying our nation.

Corporate Canada owns virtually all Canadian media – every TV station, radio station, daily paper, big magazine, etc. is owned by one of a dozen major corporations. The media’s jobs are to control the politicians and to control us.  Canada’s Media is an instrument of control. The media will destroy any politician who does not do as told, that is how they control our governments. Buying the media was one of the smartest things Corporate Canada has ever done – it gave them control of our Canada, one of the richest nations on earth.

The Media controls our elections: The Corporate media control the outcome of almost all of our elections. THEY choose who we will elect. They tell us who is good and bad; they tell us what the issues are, they create the ‘scandals’ and the news, and they move voters from Party A to Party B depending on which one will betray us ‘the best’. It is almost impossible for a party to get elected without media support, and every politician knows that means ‘Do as you are told or else.’

Lost Democracy: For many decades our Canada has been moved in directions set NOT by the people of Canada but by the Corporations of Canada. We – the people of Canada – are irrelevant. We do not matter. We have no power. They treat us like pathetic idiots and that’s what they think we are.

For example – Health Care: Corporate Canada wants public Health Care destroyed so they can privatize it and make Billions from it. Our politicians are doing that job for them. All Canadians who suffer while waiting for an operation or for decent care are simply ‘collateral damage’. And the media never mentions this because it is the truth, and Canadians must never be told the truth about these kinds of things.

The homeless roam our streets.  Poverty and debt increase. We and our environment are increasingly poisoned. Our entire food supply is genetically contaminated … all under corporate orders. Canada is on the road to complete and total disaster – but Corporate Canada is doing very well thank you.

What can we do? 

The first step is awareness. We Canadians must keep in mind that our democracy is now gone and that our media are liars who cannot be trusted. We have to stop believing what they tell us.  We have to build the Independent Media that a democratic people need. And we have to rebuild our democracy as well. That is what we have to do, and we can do it. We just have to start.

Jack Etkin:
The Bridge News Service

2 thoughts on “Corporate Media Undermining Democracy in Canada

  1. Yes Jack, We the people need to support, create, and consume our existing Independent Media. And second we must shift from “Representative Democracy” to “Direct Democracy” The question is: Are enough citizens ready for a political change in our time? How many citizens participate on initiatives as a potential tool for political change?


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