No Environmental Risk From Fracking Says Canada’s Finance Minister

On Sept. 5, Finance Minister Joe Oliver told Canadians that the 175,000 Fracking wells already dug in Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia do not create an environmental risk and have not contaminated any drinking water. Mr. Oliver made these comments after Nova Scotia decided to ban some forms of fracking in that province.

If you google ‘fracking safety’, you will see that NO ONE can say fracking is safe.  Does Mr. Oliver have ANY proof that fracking is safe? Is Mr. Oliver speaking for the people of Canada or for  Corporate Canada?

Here is a comment from Scientific American, May 9, 2011:
‘A new study indicates that fracturing the Marcellus Shale for natural gas is contaminating private drinking water wells’. This is one of thousands of such comments available, and yet Mr. Oliver tells us that everything is perfectly safe and our Corporate Media reports it and asks for no proof.

Mr. Oliver said: “When a government steps back from the responsible development of its resources and that development doesn’t create an environmental risk, there are economic consequences …”

Mr. Oliver is either lying, or he has been completely misinformed about the issue of Fracking Safety.  In either case, his comments support the ongoing Poisoning of Canada for Corporate Profit.  And yet we see no criticism from Canada’s Media or other politicians. Canadians should ask why our Media chooses to tell us that Fracking is safe.

At the news conference in Toronto on Thursday, Sept. 4, Mr. Oliver also stated:  “Fracking has been going on in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan for over 50 years … There’ve been 175,000 wells drilled using fracking and not a single case of drinkable water contamination.

As we say, Mr. Oliver’s statements are either uninformed nonsense or outright lies … and it is up to Canadians to react. Please contact your Member of Parliament and your favorite media.  They should hear what citizens think.

The sad truth is that the Canadian Oil and Gas industry will happily poison you and your family in order to maximize their profits, and Regulators and Governments will stand back and let it happen.

Here is another example of ‘no environmental damage’:  Alberta’s Energy Resources Conservation Board concluded a well blowout near Innisfail … that spewed 500 barrels of oily liquid over a field was caused by a company fracking a nearby well.  No enforcement order was issued because the action didn’t violate regulations in place at the time.

Mr. Oliver … this is pathetic. Canadians deserve better from you, our other politicians, and the media.

Here is the CBC story: Finance Minister Joe Oliver criticizes N.S. fracking ban

Sept. 8, 2014

Jack Etkin:
The Bridge News Service

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