Attack on Canada. Parliamentary Investigation Needed

Two Canadian Soldiers were murdered.


What really happened in Ottawa on October 22, 2014? We don’t know.
All we know is a story told us by CSIS, the RCMP, and The Corporate Media.
And we can’t believe those people.

(Nov. 8, 2014) Two soldiers were murdered. Our Parliament Buildings are riddled by (police) bullets. And Canadians don’t know what happened. Instead, The Corporate Media tells us a story that is probably a lie – as is so much of what they tell us.

When Canada’s Corporate Media says the attack was: … the work of self-radicalized, ISIS connected, Muslim Terrorists … I don’t believe them. Why should I? The Media have lied to us my entire life about every important issue. I refuse to believe them any more. But we have to know the truth…and there may be a way.


Our Members of Parliament owe it to us Canadians to WAKE UP AND DO SOMETHING. Stop being so pathetic. Our country has been attacked. We have to find out who and what was behind the attack.

We need “An Independent Investigation”
and Parliament may be able to do it.

Canada needs ‘AN INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION’ of the murder of two soldiers and this attack on our democracy. Canadians are asking questions, but are being ignored by the media and the politicians. We need answers and we need truth. We need our Parliament to DO SOMETHING.


  • Contact your Member of Parliament. Talk to them about A Parliamentary Investigation into the events of October 22.
  • Contact the owners of your local ‘Corporate Media’, tell them what you think of them.
  • Talk to others. If you support An Independent Investigation … PUSH THE IDEA

We can do this. We owe it to our country and ourselves. This is a time to be at our best and demand the best of others, because everything seems to be at risk.

This Investigation must be televised, and streamed, so we see everything. And it has to start as soon as possible. It should have started already … What’s left of our democracy is under attack – we have to find out who is behind it.

It’s up to our Parliamentarians.
And it’s up to us.
I hope we are capable. Let’s make it happen.

Jack Etkin:
The Bridge News Service

An email to my MP is below …

TO: Murray Rankin
Member of Parliament
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario


Dear Mr. Rankin,

What do you think of the idea of a Parliamentary Investigation into the attack on our Parliament?

Right now Canadians are being told a story by Harper, CSIS, The RCMP, and the Corporate Media. A lot of Canadians do not believe this story. I think it important that our Parliamentarians, whose building was attacked, immediately begin your own investigation, on behalf of the people you represent, into what really happened with the attack that killed two soldiers and shut down our Parliament.

The official Government / Media story may be correct in all areas. But maybe not. We have been misled by these people before. Certainly this attack is so important that we must find out the truth, and not rely on people who we have no reason to trust or believe, such as CBC, CTV, the RCMP, the Government, and etc.

I think a lot of Canadians would like to see an Independent Investigation of all events surrounding this attack. I think that perhaps Parliament can do it. I hope that Parliament is both interested and capable of taking on this very important job.

I’m going to try to publicize this idea. I’m going to suggest others also contact their Members of Parliament. I will show this letter as a possible template, and mention that I am awaiting a response from my own MP.

I know we have some GREAT members of parliament. This is a time for heroes. The British Parliament stood up a year ago and stopped their Prime Minister from joining the Americans in an attack on Syria. It’s time OUR Parliament stood up as well. This is a very dangerous time for Canada and we desperately need our Parliament to do something. I hope our Parliamentarians are able.

Thank you Murray.

Your constituent,
Jack Etkin

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