Ottawa Attack. NDP Looking Into Parliamentary Investigation

(Nov. 13, 2014) It is 3 weeks since the murder of two Canadian soldiers, and the attack on Canada’s Parliament Buildings. Many Canadians fear this was a false flag operation. We all want to know the true facts of what happened. We have an ‘official story’ – from the RCMP and Media – saying this was a terrorist attack by self radicalized extremists (perhaps manipulated by ISIS). That story may be true, but many Canadians no longer believe the RCMP or the Corporate Media. We need an Independent Investigation of this entire event to find the truth of what happened.

I emailed my Member of Parliament last week – Murray Rankin of the NDP – and got a reply yesterday. He is talking with the NDP Public Safety Critic and Mr. Mulcair’s office ‘to find out how a parliamentary investigation would work with the other investigations that are going on’.

Parliament was attacked, Parliament should investigate. Many of us still have some faith in our Parliament, and there seems nowhere else to turn. Canadians deserve an Honest Investigation – and honest answers – and Parliament may be able to do this for us.

The murder of two soldiers and the attack on Parliament is important. We should not allow the national police and the corporate media to ‘frame’ the event for us, and to control all the information we get about what happened.

We must know the truth, no matter WHERE it may lead. Maybe Parliament can do it. Please consider contacting your Member of Parliament.

Jack Etkin:
The Bridge News Service

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