Parliament Attacked … Many Questions and Few Answers.

Parliament Attacked … Two soldiers murdered.
Many questions. Few answers.
Media Silent. Parliament Silent.

(Nov. 21, 2014) It is now one month since two Canadian soldiers were murdered, and the Parliament Buildings attacked. Lots of questions are being asked, but there are few answers. Is anyone investigating the attack and murders? I contacted the RCMP to ask. They sent me two news items dated a month ago. If they are investigating, it is in secret.

There are concerns the event is a False Flag Attack. This is, unfortunately, possible.

The Corporate Media is silent now; almost as if the attacks never happened. They ask no questions. We hear nothing of any investigation. The media is silent about the Spying and Arrest Laws Mr. Harper is putting in place. Do these laws threaten us and our democracy? We are told nothing.

There are questions about what happened. Was the person accused of killing W/O Patrice Vincent near Montreal shot down by police as he stood with his hands up, or did he attack police with a knife and was killed in self defence. Early news reports based on eyewitness accounts seem to say he was gunned down, perhaps removing an important witness. What really happened? Are we so pathetic that we can’t even get that?

Canada needs An Open and Honest Investigation
into the attack on our Parliament.

IF you support the idea of a Parliamentary Investigation,
and tell them what you think.

AND, here is a ‘newscast‘ about Media and Democracy in Canada.

Jack Etkin:
The Bridge News Service

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