Canadian Heroes Arrested in Burnaby, B.C.

Citizens Stand Against Pipeline Through Park

Q. Why does The Media call citizens ‘protesters’ –
when they are ‘heroes’?
A. Because the Corporations own the media –
and the corporations hate heroes.

Hundreds of Canadians are facing arrest in Burnaby B.C., part of the city of Greater Vancouver. American Oil Giant Kinder-Morgan has forced the arrests of dozens of citizens who stand for the planet and against the corporate vandalism of a Burnaby Park. Kinder Morgan wants to put a pipeline through the park – to move TarSands oil from Alberta to the BC coast.

The City Governments of Burnaby and Vancouver oppose Kinder-Morgan. Citizens are being forced into civil disobedience – because Corporate controlled federal and provincial politicians are allowing the company to drill and cut down trees in a city park.

Canada’s Corporate Media, as usual, stands with the destroyers of the planet. It’s up to us Canadians to hold the media and the politicians accountable for their ongoing betrayal of our country and our planet.

Three Questions for the Corporate Media …

  1. Why do you keep calling these great citizens ‘Protesters’? They are protesting the destruction of our planet, and they are heroes, why don’t you EVER call them heroes?
  2. As usual, our Corporate Politicians pit the citizens against the police. The Media’s ‘job’ is to focus on the violence between people and police, and ignore the real issues of the corporate destruction of our country and our planet. Why won’t You Media tell the truth? What’s wrong with you?
  3. Why are You Media protecting Stephen Harper and Christy Clark. As dozens are arrested, these pathetic politicians are not mentioned, even though they are the ones who are betraying us and who created this trouble. Why are you Media not blaming Stephen Harper and Christy Clark?

Remember: The Corporate Media’s job is to protect Corporate Profits and Power. Telling us the truth is NOT a part of their job.

We can all support the Heroes in Burnaby … contact your politicians and tell them what you think. Contact your ‘corporate media’ and tell them what you think…

“When injustice becomes law … resistance becomes duty” – Thomas Jefferson

Jack Etkin:
The Bridge News Service

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