The Attack on Parliament

Can We Believe the Media/RCMP Story?

(Dec. 8, 2014) On October 20, W/O Patrice Vincent, was murdered near Montreal. His assailant was shot and killed by police shortly after. Eyewitness accounts said he had his hands in the air when shot. The Media then changed the story, and Canada was told he had a knife, attacked the police, and was killed in self defence. We don’t know which version is right, but I think it is of the utmost importance for our country that we find out exactly what the truth is. (Thanks to Global Research for their great work on this story.)

On Oct. 22, a second soldier, Cpl Nathan Cirillo, was murdered in Ottawa. Minutes later his killer forced his way into the Parliament Buildings and was shot to death.

There are a lot of questions about these cases. Officially they are called Terrorist Attacks. That may be true. It may be a lie. We don’t know. All we have is a story put out by the leadership of the RCMP – who we can’t trust – and reported to us by a Corporate Media we also can’t trust.

Canada’s Media is owned by, and works for, Corporate Canada. When the Media won’t cover important aspects of this story, it’s because the owners of the media don’t want it reported. Why would Corporate Canada want to cover these stories up? And why is the media so intent on promoting fear and terror in Canada, as they now seem to be doing.

Where did the rifle used in the Ottawa murder and attack on Parliament come from? How did US Network Television report Mr. Bibeau’s name and age an hour after his death – when Canadians knew nothing? Why are there no questions about the shooting of Mr. Vincent’s killer, reportedly with his hands in the air? Was he ‘silenced’? Or did he attack police with a knife? Why are there no questions about the video the RCMP ‘has’ of Mr. Bibeau, which ‘confirmed his radicalism’. But we can’t see it. Does it exist? Could Mr. Bibeau, who was cornered, wounded, and armed with only a lever action single shot rifle, have been captured alive? Do the autopsy results in all these deaths support the official stories? These questions and many others deserve answers.

SO THIS IS WHERE WE ARE… A series of attacks take place. Two soldiers are senselessly murdered. Their murderers are also both killed. This happens at the same time a major new law is going through Parliament that will allow our government to spy on us whenever they want. The Media tell us NOTHING about this new law – and others being pushed through Parliament by Harper. These laws undermine our rights as citizens, but all in the name of ‘protecting us from terrorism; of course. Really??

The Attacks on Canada are also used to allow the Harper Government to begin bombing ISIS in Iraq. It is widely reported around the world that ISIS is controlled and funded by the lunatics who run the United States, but not one word of that is said anywhere in Canada’s totally corrupt Corporate-Owned-Media.

People have questions about the murders and the attack on our Parliament. But our media finds nothing to report. Instead they fill us with fear of terror attacks, and point blame at the Muslim Community. Divide and Conquer is a story that is as old as the hills, and we see it being used against us today by Corporate Canada and their Media and their Politicians.

Or maybe I’m wrong, maybe the official story IS true. But we have to know the truth, and not just the RCMP/Media truth. And truth requires an open and public independent investigation.

A lot of people think these were False Flag attacks, carried out by, or with the help of, the Canadian Government or Security Services or whomever. If this is the case then what may they be planning next, and why? Who are our real enemies? What – really – is going on?

If we Canadians do nothing, then maybe we deserve what we are going to get. But we CAN do something. It is very simple, just pick up your phone or send an email …

Contact your Member of Parliament.
We need an Independent Investigation.

Jack Etkin:
The Bridge News Service

Michael Zehaf-Bibeau was shot at least once before final deadly encounter

RCMP hesitant to release gunman Zehaf-Bibeau’s video manifesto

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