Are Canada’s Media Lying About ISIS?

Are They trying to involve us in a WAR?


(January 2, 2015) Canada’s media is full of stories about ISIS. ISIS is behind the murder of two soldiers in eastern Canada – and gunfire in our Parliament Buildings. ISIS is linked to a hostage taking and killings in a restaurant in Australia. We are shown ISIS Beheadings and ISIS Executions. ISIS is taking over the Middle East. And Canada is fighting ISIS right now – ‘because they must be stopped’.

BUT … if you google: ‘ISIS funded by US’ you will see some very serious people saying ISIS is funded by, run by, and controlled by the United States and its allies. These stories seem to come from good sources. But our Media won’t tell us the ‘US funding ISIS’ story. Can we Canadians ask why our Corporate Owned Media will not report this story.

And remember, the secret story is that the US funds and runs ISIS. Doesn’t that seem important? Shouldn’t Canadians be told that the people who run the United States may be running ISIS too? Why won’t Canada’s Media report this vitally important story?

And even worse, it almost seems like our Media is trying to get us into a war – with their messages of ‘fear’ and ‘threats against us’. In fact, we are at war with ISIS; Canadian soldiers and aircraft are involved in a shooting war with ISIS right now. And who knows what ISIS may do next in Canada. But if ISIS was created by the people who run the United States, then ‘who’ is really attacking us … and WHY?

Or maybe you think … saying the US is funding ISIS is like saying they funded Adolph Hitler and the Nazis to start THAT war. But in fact Corporate America did fund the Nazis. And The Bush Family was involved. And if you google ‘bush hitler and guardian’ you will see a lot of stories about it.

So Corporate America funded Hitler and the Nazis, AND they have kept that story secret for 80 years. Should this Bush-Hitler story make us question our history? Should we question the ISIS story we are being fed right now? Are the people who run our country trying to get us into a war? And if so, WHY?

Who controls our education system and makes sure our real history is never taught to us? Who controls our media and ensures we are never told the truth? We can see tremendously powerful forces at work here, forces we know little or nothing about.
Those people control our television and our radio and our newspapers – and a lot more besides – and they have twisted the free press a democracy needs into a Corporate Propaganda Machine that cannot be trusted on any issue.


If we want to stop them, we have to take back control of our media, our democracy and country. I hope we can do it.

Jack Etkin:
The Bridge News Service

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