Canada’s War on Syria

Jason Kenney

Jason Kenney

“The sovereign democratically elected government of Iraq has asked Canada and allied countries to help them defend their innocent civilians from terror attacks being launched out of eastern Syria in a part of that country which the Syrian government either is unwilling or unable to control,”
-Jason kenney Mar 25, 2015 in the Parliament of Canada.

Is Iraq a sovereign country? The simple answer to that is NO, Iraq is an occupied country, it’s occupied by American military forces and their allies. There are also more than 100,000 foreign mercenary contractors in Iraq Therefore, Iraq can not be called a sovereign country nor it can have a “democratically elected government”. Continue reading

WI-FI, Human Rights and Corporate Interests. By Walt McGinnis

Is the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal stacked in favor of corporate interests ?

-Walt McGinnis

A longtime corporate lawyer who has already turned down one appeal to the Human Rights Tribunal regarding radio frequency radiation (rfr) exposure from Smart meters is now ruling on a new appeal submitted by a grandmother trying to protect her grandson from WI-FI radiation at school.

In 2010 the Liberal government appointed Norman Trerise a corporate Lawyer and longtime senior partner with law firm Faskin Martineau to the BC Human Rights Tribunal. In 2013 Trerise refused to hear an appeal from the Citizens for Safe Technology (CST). Ignoring a mountain of evidence Trerise claimed the CST had no chance to prove that people were harmed from rfr emitted from BC Hydro’s so called smart meters. He would not even let them present their case.

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Canada’s Ambassador to Jordan Linked to ISIS Girls. By Walt McGinnis

The Turkish government claims that the Canadian Embassy in Jordan aided the trafficking of British born children and at least 17 others into the hands of ISIS, in the middle of a war zone, in Syria.

The Ottawa Citizen has reported that the man who was recently caught by Turkish police trafficking British born girls between Turkey and Syria and into the hands of ISIS was CSIS agent Mohammad Al Rashid.

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