Canada’s War on Syria

Jason Kenney

Jason Kenney

“The sovereign democratically elected government of Iraq has asked Canada and allied countries to help them defend their innocent civilians from terror attacks being launched out of eastern Syria in a part of that country which the Syrian government either is unwilling or unable to control,”
-Jason kenney Mar 25, 2015 in the Parliament of Canada.

Is Iraq a sovereign country? The simple answer to that is NO, Iraq is an occupied country, it’s occupied by American military forces and their allies. There are also more than 100,000 foreign mercenary contractors in Iraq Therefore, Iraq can not be called a sovereign country nor it can have a “democratically elected government”.

The second question, Does the Canadian government care about innocent Iraqi civilians? Again the simple answer is NO. Over a million and a half innocent Iraqi civilians have been killed. Millions more have been made refugees. Their land has been destroyed by depleted uranium. They have no stability and they are living in a daily civil war. All that and many other catastrophes have happened because of American terrorism and the American war against Iraq. So where was the Canadian government’s concern about Iraqi civilians then. Instead, they pretend concern now and use it to carry out a new attack against another sovereign country, Syria.

The third question, and the most important one, who are these terrorists in Eastern Syria? These are mainly foreign fighters that were recruited, trained and financed by the USA and its allies; France, the UK, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and the Israeli occupation state. These foreign fighters were used to destabilize Syria and that is why the Syrian government is unable to control many parts of its territory.

Jason Kenney’s claims to Canadians on the floor of the parliament were misleading, false and insulting in order to drag Canada again into another illegal war in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Where is the media and the opposition? They are all complicit.

The Bridge News Service Editorial Board

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