Consciousness Shifts

By Will Smith.

Over my lifetime, as my consciousness has changed, I have tried to live in places which honour human life and the planet. Costa Rica and Canada were both deliberate choices in this regard.

Now that Canada is bombing a place that few in Canada even know anything about “Just Cuz” they’ve got a buncha mercenaries in shiny Toyotas running around, I realise that this is an impossible task, and that in fact it is silly – this planet is a place where we are spozed to learn one main thing:

It is impossible to solve social problems by killing people. Continue reading

Why has Canada declared war on Syria?

(April 4, 2015) SURPRISE!! Canada is going to war with Syria. And Canadians are not even being told. We are being told that this is ‘an expansion of the mission’. Yes, the mission is expanding … into a War.

When the first Canadian plane drops the first bomb on Syria – that IS an act of war against Syria – in violation of the United Nations Charter and ALL international law. And Canadians don’t even know this is happening. How can Canada go to war, and nobody tells Canadians? Continue reading