Why has Canada declared war on Syria?

(April 4, 2015) SURPRISE!! Canada is going to war with Syria. And Canadians are not even being told. We are being told that this is ‘an expansion of the mission’. Yes, the mission is expanding … into a War.

When the first Canadian plane drops the first bomb on Syria – that IS an act of war against Syria – in violation of the United Nations Charter and ALL international law. And Canadians don’t even know this is happening. How can Canada go to war, and nobody tells Canadians?

Why is Canada starting to bomb Syria? The official story is that Mr. Harper wants to help protect innocent civilians in Syria and Iraq. This is nonsense, nobody should believe it. Over the past ten years more than a million innocent people have been murdered by the American War of Terror on Iraq and Syria. Mr. Harper fully supported this mass murder, but suddenly he is ‘concerned’. And so Canada goes to war.

ISIS: The official ISIS story is a lie. ISIS is very probably controlled by and funded by the people who run the United States. If you don’t know what’s going on, google: ‘US funds ISIS’  and find out. This is important.

We are bombing Syria, to defend ourselves from ISIS, which is being run by the U.S.A. This kind of ‘False Flag’ is common. You create an enemy; the enemy attacks you, and you use that as an excuse for the war you want. Hitler did it to start World War 2. The people who run the U.S. have done it many times. This is widely known, but never mentioned by our Media or Politicians who clearly want Canada IN this war. And this war will lead into whatever comes next.

Why?  Canada is a huge prize; the second largest nation on earth. Corporate Canada wants our Oil, Gas, Minerals, Water, Land, Forests, and etc. We Canadians are getting in their way by stopping their pipelines and trying to protect our air, land, and water. It is common that when people want democracy, the power structure creates WAR. Already; ISIS has led to Bill C51 which will create a Secret Police Force to protect Corporate Canada from the Citizens of Canada.

This is a very dangerous time for Canada. We have to have to understand that our real enemies are within. The Corporations who run Canada have stolen our democracy, are ruining our society, and are leading us into war. Corporate Canada is our real enemy. These are the people we must get rid of if we want to protect our futures…

What can we do? Please, contact your Member of Parliament and ask them to wake up and do something right for a change. Please study the issues and try to find the truth. Please DON’T trust or believe anything the media tells you. Canada’s Corporate Owned Media is probably our greatest enemy. And please tell others.  We are at a dangerous moment, and we all have to be at our best…

Jack Etkin: jetkin@hotmail.com
The Bridge News Service

One thought on “Why has Canada declared war on Syria?

  1. Canadians must recognize the fact the current Conservative party is the political arm of the of an extreme right-wing religious faction known as the Cornwall Alliance. The rhetoric of this cabal of evangelists carries a large following which consists of millions of people in both the US and Canada. The end game is to install a government based on narrowly defined Christian values which are self-serving in order to support the concept of ‘dominionism’. If the quest is successful, democracy will eventually be replaced with theocracy.

    Going to war with Syria represents some type of spiritual confrontation of the perceived forces of good and evil. Name brand preachers like Pat Robertson and John Hagee actually support this quest for Christian dominance in the world. Anyone who opposes their basic platform is viewed as a resident evildoer in need of redemption.

    The right-wing tribe of brainwashed evangelical supporters of corporate greed and corruption view conservationists as one of the evils. Social programs such as health care, feeding the hungry, and welfare for those in need is also considered an evil pursuit which falls outside the responsibility of government.



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