Consciousness Shifts

By Will Smith.

Over my lifetime, as my consciousness has changed, I have tried to live in places which honour human life and the planet. Costa Rica and Canada were both deliberate choices in this regard.

Now that Canada is bombing a place that few in Canada even know anything about “Just Cuz” they’ve got a buncha mercenaries in shiny Toyotas running around, I realise that this is an impossible task, and that in fact it is silly – this planet is a place where we are spozed to learn one main thing:

It is impossible to solve social problems by killing people.

Kill. Clean Up. Rebuild. Rinse. Repeat. We’re arguably at the point where people are realising that this is like wiping with a hoop – it may work for a while, but eventually the situation gets far worse.

I am personally tired of this ride. The message of the Easter season is death and resurrection. At this point I am ready to get off this ride, go to the next level of the game where my creativity and humanity are honoured instead of disparaged. I want to graduate from the school of Survival of the Fittest, Kill or be Killed, Eat or be Eaten. I want to live near my friends and loved ones in a small house with a garden, in a country where no one cares if I grow okra in my front yard or collect rain water.

As for the governments and people who continue to perpetuate this lesson – “Not my circus, not my monkeys.” I have lived among refugees all of my adult life, and take away this one lesson in particular:

At some point when one is in a zone of conflict, one’s consciousness shifts to survival instead of wondering which brand of cola to drink. That shift is happening, and it’s time to watch at least the first scenes from African Queen if you can’t see it. If you can, then watch what people do. At some level, all of us know what is going on from mammalian instincts, even if it never quite percolates to what we call “Consciousness.”

…and yes, I still think the best antidote to all of this is to make a beautiful garden, preferably a permaculture food forest.

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