New Sewage Treatment Process Starting in Victoria … Can we trust it?

There are actually two processes in place; one for the Eastside, one for Westside. The Westside website offers more information at this time. I have been involved in the Eastside process.

A Billion Dollar Mistake: Very recently, our ‘CRD Leaders’ almost spent a Billion Dollars on an environmentally useless Sewage Treatment Plant. They were stopped by the People and Council of Esquimalt … and others who opposed this useless CRD plan.

Now A New Sewage Treatment Planning Process has started. We citizens must be sure this process is honest, open and democratic. We HAVE to get a good result from it because we are talking about a HUGE amount of money. I think most of us want real environmental benefits, a good price, and minimal disruption. Continue reading

Winning a Nuclear War – The Prize: Extinction. By Bo Filter

Via: Dissident Voice

Don’t expect the concept of extinction or omnicide to roll off the lips of nuclear warriors. Their brains focus on the win-ability of nuclear war to the exclusion of all other possibilities. Let’s take a minute to examine the myopic mindset of nuclear strategists and what we should be doing about it.

The story of nuclear weapons begins with the dropping of an atomic bomb named Little Boy on the city of Hiroshima, Japan on August 6, 1945. Since then, many authors have written and exposed this event as being more about starting a new war with our ally Russia than about ending WWII, more about continuing war so that the vast fortunes made by the US arms industry from WWII could continue indefinitely into the future. Continue reading

Harper Terror Plan

Stephen Harper’s Plan To Fake A ‘Terror-Bombing’ in Victoria BC And Blame it on ‘The Muslims’.

And the Media betrays us by pretending ‘the official story’ is true.

(May 3, 2015) A ‘show trial’ is now underway in Vancouver. A troubled young couple, John Nuttall and Amanda Korody, were entrapped, manipulated, and terrified by undercover RCMP agents into planting fake bombs – supplied by the RCMP – on the grounds of the BC Legislative Buildings on Canada Day 2013. They are now on trial.

An RCMP Plot: This entire bomb ‘plot’ was in fact staged by the RCMP, presumably on orders from Stephen Harper, who is controlled by Corporate Canada. The young couple who are on trial could NEVER have carried out this plan without a major RCMP operation to trick them. Plus … the couple feared they would be murdered if they did not carry out the bombing. Continue reading