Harper Terror Plan

Stephen Harper’s Plan To Fake A ‘Terror-Bombing’ in Victoria BC And Blame it on ‘The Muslims’.

And the Media betrays us by pretending ‘the official story’ is true.

(May 3, 2015) A ‘show trial’ is now underway in Vancouver. A troubled young couple, John Nuttall and Amanda Korody, were entrapped, manipulated, and terrified by undercover RCMP agents into planting fake bombs – supplied by the RCMP – on the grounds of the BC Legislative Buildings on Canada Day 2013. They are now on trial.

An RCMP Plot: This entire bomb ‘plot’ was in fact staged by the RCMP, presumably on orders from Stephen Harper, who is controlled by Corporate Canada. The young couple who are on trial could NEVER have carried out this plan without a major RCMP operation to trick them. Plus … the couple feared they would be murdered if they did not carry out the bombing.

The Media: This entire bomb operation was a sad farce, but Canada’s Corporate Media ‘report’ to the world that Mr. Nuttall and Ms. Korody are Murderous¬†Muslim Terrorists. The Media is using this RCMP ‘plot’ to threaten and frighten Muslim people in Canada, and to pit us Canadians against each other. This is the true evil of how Canada’s corporations work to divide and manipulate us.

An honest media would be screaming for an investigation of Harper and the RCMP for their roles in this shameful affair. Instead our pathetic media pretends this story is true and tells Canadians ‘Be Afraid’ … and ‘Don’t Trust Muslims’. The Corporate-Owned-Media are a real threat to our future .. THEY are the ones who should be on trial – but of course they never are.

This trial is taking place right now just as Bill C51 is being pushed through Parliament. C51 will create a Secret Police Force that will go after citizens who oppose the Corporations that are poisoning our nation and destroying our society and economy. C51 is about protecting Corporate Canada, and this fake Terror Plot is about the same thing.

This is a dangerous time in Canada. Our Leaders are extremely corrupt. We have very little Democracy left, and our Media betrays us every day. We all need to be at our best, and we have to fight and beat the corporate forces that seem out to destroy our country and us.

Jack Etkin: jetkin@hotmail.com
The Bridge News Service

One thought on “Harper Terror Plan

  1. This is ALL TRUE
    and they WERE SET UP ……
    778-350-0102 anytime


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