Why is Christy Clark Poisoning British Columbia?

No Fracking

No Fracking

(June 23, 2015) Christy Clark does not work for the people of BC, and nor does she care about us. Christy works for Corporate Canada, and they will make a lot of money by poisoning us. Christy’s job is to help them.

Corporate Canada wants BC’s oil, gas, water, metals, forests, and etc. And they have no intention of reducing their profits by one penny to protect the environment, or the people who live here.

That’s why Christy supports Fracking, and doesn’t care about how much water and land it contaminates. Nor does she care about how many people are poisoned. That’s why Mount Polley happened – because Christy didn’t care enough to have the mine inspected and the necessary ‘fixes’ put in place. That’s why the salmon farmers are allowed to destroy the wild salmon, and that’s why the remnants of our Old Growth forests are still being destroyed.

Christy just wants to be Premier, and she will do anything to keep her job. She is involved in things that are crimes against humanity and our planet, and she does not care. That’s how pathetic she is.

Christy will happily poison us with Fracking. She will flood thousands of hectares of prime farmland to build Site C. She will force hundreds of thousands of people in BC to live their lives in poverty, so she can give tax cuts to her friends at the top. She will allow 5 Million Tons of contaminated waste to be put next to beautiful Shawnigan Lake, and next to Victoria’s Water Reservoir. And she will tell us it’s all perfectly safe.

That is what we’re up against, a powerful politician who will do anything to us … just to keep her nice little job.

Can we get rid of her before she gets rid of us?

Jack Etkin: jetkin@hotmail.com
The Bridge News Service

One thought on “Why is Christy Clark Poisoning British Columbia?

  1. If the Fed Election gives Canada a decent environmentally conscious government that does not want a lawsuit forcing them to take care of their citizens re climate change (Nb:Climate campaigners win landmark court case in the Netherlands: http://bit.ly/1fA72I0), then that can reduce grants/permissions to BC gov’t in resource extraction.

    We should take the BC Lib to court for infractions against citizen’s health & welfare.
    Do a class action suit gov’t cannot ignore.
    Get the relevant provincial judicial entities to fight for us on all the issues presented (eg FOI, RCMP,LtGen, Health, etc.etc)
    Join Quebec 🙂


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