Christy Clark’s Secret Deal with Petronas to Be Approved in July

Legislature meets July 13 …

(June 27, 2015): The BC Legislature will meet in July to put into law a secret agreement signed last month by Christy Clark and LNG giant PETRONAS. Premier Clark has so far refused to tell us citizens what is in the Petronas PDA (project development agreement). However, we will be committed to the deal by this legislation – which could be passed in one or two weeks.

According to the Victoria Times Colonist: The deal includes a concession that … ‘no BC government has ever granted’. This is believed to be a GUARANTEE of NO future changes to the tax and royalty structures included in the deal. So Christy is committing us to never changing a deal – which we have not been able to see. The TC also says: ‘It is a measure of how radical this is that special legislation is required to put it in place.’

Fracking: This agreement will massively increase fracking in BC because it gives Petronas the financial guarantees it wants. Fracking poisons our water, land, environment and us. Fracking is hated around the world. It has been stopped by citizen revolts in many places in Canada, the US, Europe, etc … while in BC our Politicians and Media tell us that Fracking will be safe and wonderful.

The next step in this evil Corporate Plan begins July 13, right here in Victoria, with a special sitting of the BC Legislature that will lock us into Christy’s poisonous LNG dream.

The world is moving away from fossil fuels. We can’t continue to poison Mother Earth. WE CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS.

We don’t need Fracking in BC, WE NEED DEMOCRACY.

Be AT the Legislature on July 13.

For information, google: bc petronas pda christy clark

Jack Etkin:
The Bridge News Service

2 thoughts on “Christy Clark’s Secret Deal with Petronas to Be Approved in July

  1. keep selling off our province, keep selling off our country to the highest bidder, we are owned by immigrants and foreign policy


  2. I have read the article in the Times Colonist you refer to – re the “concession that no BC government has ever granted”, but now can’t find the article online, and would like to find it. I am part of Myseatosky volunteer group fighting Woodfibre LNG proposed for Howe Sound, near Vancouver. Woodfibre LNG is seldom in the news, and is a significant threat Howe Sound.
    Could you send me a functional link to that article?
    Thank you, Laurie


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