We’ll have to Pay Petronas to stop FRACKING us

Legislature Meets July 13 to Sell Us Out

(July 8, 2015): The British Columbia Legislature begins sitting Monday July 13 to ratify a landmark ‘Agreement’ between BC and corporate giant Petronas.

The Christy Clark agreement locks BC into a decades long tax and royalty plan. The taxes and royalties will be low … so BC will get as little money as possible – and the deal cannot be changed without full compensation to the industry. We are being locked into an economic disaster.

Even worse – They are going to FRACK US: FRACKING is the basis of this entire deal. The whole Christy Clark LNG DREAM is about Fracking British Columbia. They are going to FRACK US for Corporate Profit.

And the people we have elected – and pay – are going to do this to us, without even asking us what we want. THAT IS HOW CORRUPT AND UNDEMOCRATIC OUR POLITICIANS ARE.

And The Corporate Owned Media say nothing. The Media’s job is to keep us uninformed about the important issues. And the media are VERY good at their job.

Fracking poisons our water, our air, our land, our crops, and other living things. WHY are these lunatics so determined to POISON everything?

When we want Petronas to STOP poisoning B.C. …
We are going to have to Pay Them.

Under Free Trade and Investor Agreements, I believe we will have to PAY Petronas for ‘lost profits’ when we tell them to stop Fracking this beautiful province.

On July 8 I ASKED the BC government that question … will we have to pay them to stop fracking us … and I was told they will NOT answer the question. (I’ve dealt with various governments for years, and I have never heard that kind of an answer before.)

That is the deal Our Politicians intend to agree to.

The Sitting begins at 10AM, Monday July 13. The Bill should be introduced about 1:30. And they intend to push it through in two weeks or less.


Watch the corruption live at:

Jack Etkin: jetkin@hotmail.com
The Bridge News Service

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