Canada Health

By Will Smith.

More people should be moving here to Canada, as we have the most powerful health-magic in the world.

In France, vaccines are dangerous and people are now avoiding them. They are obviously ignorant – the only thing they need to do is move to Canada! Here in BC the government announced that vaccines for children are safe, and they are going to force parents to explain the reason, if their child is going to school without having been vaccinated!

Furthermore, in Canada, parents who think vaccines don’t work are wrong. And just to show everyone how sure they are of their position, the Canadian government offers no compensation plan for people who suffer grave injuries associated with vaccinations.

It’s pretty much the same story with electromagnetic radiation – in other countries, where evidence is mounting that EMR causes cell damage and WiFi equipment is being pulled from schools, it is up and running here in BC even if it is not being used yet. And kids who are electrosensitive – well, the government has decided that they can just tough it out and they will be fine once they get used to it.

It’s great to live in a magic country, with magic government workers who have super powers to protect their citizen-taxpayers.

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