The Flaws of Work Safe BC

By Norm Ryder.

During a 5 year battle with Work Safe BC – and their captive appeal division, The Workers Compensation Appeal Tribunal (WCAT), I have met many injured workers experiencing similar levels of frustration and exasperation. For some, depression and other clinical stress diagnosis is an appropriate diagnosis to express their state of mind.

The particulars of each case vary. Obviously forged documents submitted by WorkSafe. WorkSafe misreads medical tests, and withholds documents from claimants. WorkSafe communicates with the employer without the claimant being advised. there is also an outright refusal to accept fundamental science or even simple arithmetic truths – such as 5 is much less than 30. and the effect is always the same – an injured worker IS denied the appropriate treatment.

I’m not sure how much money surplus to their needs WorkSafe has accumulated, but it looks like more than 1.4 billion dollars over a 2 year period. this money has been accumulated on the backs of workers – in some cases literally from their backs. This is money they refuse to use to help workers, so at least it should be returned to the employers.

The bungling of WorkSafe is far more than the recent sawmill fires. there are enough flaws in their processes to wonder if WorkSafe knowingly overcharges employers at the same time as they willfully abuse injured workers and deny them fundamental principal of justice. Work Safe BC has too many flaws to smooth over. A complete rebuilding of the organization is needed.

WorkSafe’s most recent annual report is available on their web site.
Check out the senior officials wages too.

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