Canadian Media Complicit in Migrant Deaths

Media pretend to care …
But Helped Start The Wars That Cause The Deaths

(Sept. 6, 2015): The Corporations that own Canada’s Media are complicit in the migrant deaths they pretend to be so sad about. The main cause of these deaths is the U.S. Terror Wars that destroyed Iraq, Libya, and Syria. The United States has Targeted and Destroyed these once prosperous nations, and Canada’s Corporate Media has fully supported the Wars.

Our Media have lied to us about these Wars from the beginning. The people who control the U.S. Government are the real Terrorists. That is the most important truth about what is now happening, but our Media won’t say that truth.

The owners of Canada’s Media are complicit in the death of the Syrian child found lying on a beach. And they’re complicit in the murder of many more thousands butchered by the U.S. War Machine – killed because they were in the way of some crazy Corporate plan.

We Canadians live next door to the Real Terrorist State. And our media is part of that Terror. And this is NOT a criticism of the American People … they have no more control over their government than we have over ours.

A Canadian General led the NATO bombing that destroyed Libya – which had been Africa’s wealthiest nation. Canada’s media helped start that war by lying about the facts, and building support for the bombing. Libya is now a disaster area.

Similarly in Syria, the U.S. Financed and Armed the Rebels from the beginning. The U.S. started that War to destroy the Syrian government. And out of it came ISIS, which is also part of their crazy plan. Google: “US funds ISIS” and you’ll see.

I hope the owners of Bell Media, Rogers, Shaw, and the rest, are held accountable for the pain and death they’ve caused. The same deaths they now pretend to cry about.

Our job as Canadians is to stop believing them.
If we don’t, they will destroy us too.

Jack Etkin:
The Bridge News Service

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