Canadian MPs to vote on Stronger Parliament and Democracy soon

Very soon, at the FIRST caucus meeting of each party, a HUGE decision is going to be made. At their first Caucus Meetings, our MPs can vote to get some power for themselves .. and hopefully for us.

Our MPs have the opportunity to vote to strengthen our Parliament,
and to reduce the power of the Prime Minister, the PMO,
and the other Party Leaders.

They will by voting on l REFORM OF PARLIAMENT ACT. Never heard of it? That seems to be the plan.

The MPs of each party will vote, party by party in their own meetings, to get the following powers. And I think they can vote to take any or all of these powers.

The Act requires MPs to vote as a caucus on whether they will have a say in four specific, party matters, namely:

  • The review and removal of the party leader.
  • The election and review of the caucus chair.
  • The expulsion and re-admission of caucus members.
  • The election of the interim leader.

If they vote yes, our MPs will greatly reduce the power of the party leaders. This one thing can really democratize our entire political system. This is hugely important.

In fact the caucus will gain the right, I think, to remove the party leader. This is a power the British Parliament has. And it means they do not have to bow down before an ‘all powerful leader’ who can at any time end their career. Canadian MPs to not dare stand up to their Party Leaders. But they do in Britain. This is very important stuff, yet we can see how little coverage this bill has had over the past several years… as it was discussed, debated, passed by our MPs in Parliament, then almost killed by the Harper Senate before being passed into law a very short time ago.

I saw a story about this on a few days ago. It is very important. Even more important that where the Trudeau’s are going to live … which has gotten lots of coverage. Canadians should be learning about this Very Important Vote, and what it can mean, and we should be calling our MPs and telling them what we think.

AND there is more good news: Under this Bill, which was heavily watered down, our MPs have to vote on it at their FIRST Caucus Meeting. BUT … PARLIAMENT CAN, AT ANY POINT IN TIME revise the Bill as it now stands, and our MPs can vote AGAIN, in 6 months or so when our MPs know each other better and can see how things are going. So these important powers are there to be had…

Canada is supposed to be a Parliamentary Democracy .. not a dictatorship run by a few people. ANYTHING that moves power away from the top will benefit Canadians … I think.

Here is the CBC story… and I believe that Justin Trudeau supported Mr. Chong’s Bill in the past. Please keep your eye on this. Nothing is more important than democratizing our Parliament, and this is a step in that direction.

Jack Etkin:
The Bridge News Service

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