Was Paris a False Flag Attack?

Canada’s Corporate Media spreads fear and lies – but little truth.

(Nov. 29, 2015) We know Paris may be a False Flag attack because it’s been done before. In 1980 a CIA operation called Gladio bombed Italy’s busiest train station killing and injuring nearly 300. It was done to destabilize Italy and keep Corporate Governments in power. The bombing was part of a decades long U.S. backed murder and terror campaign throughout Europe. (Google: Operation Gladio)

The people of Western Europe have built fairly democratic and ‘social-democratic’ countries. They are leaders on Climate Change and stopping GMOs. Europe won’t sign trade deals to give corporations yet more power. Canada and the United States WILL sign them. The Corporations hate this European democracy, and it’s possible they are behind creating fear and anger across Europe in order to bring in more ‘friendly’ governments. So questions must be asked. I don’t SAY Paris was a False Flag attack, but there must be a full and open investigation so we know some truth other than the corporate truth.

We can’t believe the official story. Our leaders lie to us all the time. The entire Vietnam War was based on a lie. The official 9/11 story is a lie. The Weapons Of Mass Destruction were a lie. The people who run the west have killed millions around the Middle East based on lies, and they would certainly kill in Paris if it suited their interests.

Meanwhile here in Canada we see Bill C51, Bill C24, the TPP, and the illegal Canadian bombing of Syria. As the Media Drumbeat of fear and terror continues, we keep losing our rights while the corporations grow ever more powerful. Is this coincidence? Or conspiracy?

ISIS? Many say the United States control ISIS (google: US funds ISIS). But The North American Media will not report it. Only the official story is allowed. This manipulation of public opinion by a corporate owned media is very dangerous.

They funded Hitler – why not ISIS? Some of the Richest People and Biggest Businesses in America funded the Nazis and helped bring Adolph Hitler to power. (Google: Bush Hitler Guardian). Once you know Corporate America supported Hitler, you have to question everything.

Canada’s corporate media has FULLY SUPPORTED the American war of terror in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria. And now we see the creation of fear and division by CTV, CBC, Bell Media, the Globe and Mail, and the rest. They are pitting Canadians against each other over refugees and fear and ISIS while they push through the TPP and poison us with their GMOs and fracking and nuclear power and climate change and debt and homelessness and a thousand other things.

While we are busy fighting ISIS, the corporations take over the world. It’s completely insane.

Watch a bit of the BBC video about Gladio, and ask yourself why we don’t know about it.

Jack Etkin: jetkin@hotmail.com
The Bridge News Service

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4 thoughts on “Was Paris a False Flag Attack?

  1. Jack, you led the way with your Citizen’s Forum pieces about Harper’s complicity with Turkey and Jordan re supporting ISIS.. Congratulations.
    We now have Britain and possibly Canada bombing targets in Syria and Libya..The MSM says they are bombing ISIS but I suspect they are attacking those forces that oppose ISIS and are still trying to get rid of Assad.


    • Thank you for the over kind words. We DID help spread the information that others are reporting and digging out.
      The non-corporate media has to get bigger so we can counter the lies and misinformation of our rulers.
      And the whole ISIS thing is a disaster for us all, another PR ‘creation’ they are using to change the world, and we can’t stop them.

      Our side is too disorganized and fragmented, while ‘they’ have the ability to work together to get things done. What a mess.

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  2. Actually, there is only ONE owner of the main media in Canada–David Black. Everything is slanted pro-apartheid Israel and Pro-American corporate interests–or any corporate interests–certainly not Canadian interests. Nothing about the mainstream media is really Canadian.

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