Where Power Really Lies In Climate Change

By Robin Mathews.

As we watch … huge criminal corporations, governments, and their lemming environmentalists race to the cliff edge in Paris, refusing to grapple with the reason they are racing…. They refuse – in any meaningful way – to challenge The One Per Cent head on, which is where effective solutions to climate change begin.

While a flood of information pours out of Paris about poor nations and rich nations and island nations drowning … and the undeniable fact of Global Warming, The One Per Cent grows richer and takes more of planetary wealth as a function of misusing populations, wasting raw materials, selfishly exploiting technology, destroying the biosphere … and buying governments like picking up so many stock options.

The One Per Cent make up the people behind “Free Trade Treaties” that, in fact, remove national sovereignty, erase conditions for middle nation independence and climate viability, and lash huge populations – like galley slaves – to the profit machines of imperial nations owned by The One Per Cent and working (‘as if ‘democratic and/or “fair” societies) to funnel more and more of the world’s wealth into the pockets of a very few. Continue reading

Terrorism as a Political Phenomenon

By Carlos Flores Sr.

Contribution to the debate of ideas and concepts regarding the terrorists the attack in Paris. Letters to the Editor – Saanich News.

Re: the Nov. 20 editorial “We can’t let terrorist destroy our humanity”. The media does a disservice by presenting a distorted analysis of terrorism, ignoring its political, geographical and historical causes, preferring instead to propagate simplistic sound bites and sanctimonious platitudes.

France has currently 21,000 troops deployed in different African nations, mostly populated by Muslims. France has been in the forefront of military actions in Afghanistan, Syria, Guinea, Senegal, Mali, Niger, Chad, Burkina Faso. The NATO-French indiscriminate military operations have created a fertile soil for extremists and their deranged ideas and criminal practices. Continue reading

God Must Be Laughing at Us Little Monkeys

By Will Smith.

The penny finally dropped for me last night at the «Emanu El Goes to Pot» panel discussion at my local synagogue. I could feel my consciousness changing as people spoke. This is a brief synopsis of the shift.

In school, family and society, I was taught that human civilization is making progress, and that our job as good citizens is to elect politicians who will make the world a better place for ourselves and our children.

Last night, I heard about how 70 years ago, a decision by lawmakers in Canada and later the US was made with little logical consideration but lots of racial slurs and vilification. For this long, our families and indeed our whole society have been affected by this decision. Tens of millions of people (including some of my own close relatives) have died early simply because of this! Continue reading