God Must Be Laughing at Us Little Monkeys

By Will Smith.

The penny finally dropped for me last night at the «Emanu El Goes to Pot» panel discussion at my local synagogue. I could feel my consciousness changing as people spoke. This is a brief synopsis of the shift.

In school, family and society, I was taught that human civilization is making progress, and that our job as good citizens is to elect politicians who will make the world a better place for ourselves and our children.

Last night, I heard about how 70 years ago, a decision by lawmakers in Canada and later the US was made with little logical consideration but lots of racial slurs and vilification. For this long, our families and indeed our whole society have been affected by this decision. Tens of millions of people (including some of my own close relatives) have died early simply because of this!

I now understand that the picture below is a really good representation of how “democracy” works. It really is funny if you think about it, that humans of the lowest level of consciousness on the planet run things. I can understand how some people might be angry about it, but it doesn’t hit me that way. What hits me is this: it is obvious now that whatever form of government and society we have in the future will not look anything like what we have now.

God must be laughing at us little monkeys who know better than He does which plants should be growing on this planet, which ones are necessary for health. The Rabbi even exposed some scripture that mentions a substance called “kanabosm” which was used in anointing compounds for royalty. Hmmm.

At this point, there is nothing to do but sit and watch. Earl Moulton (RCMP ret.) said at a legal forum I attended, “…I have about an hour rant that revolution is necessary. Because the systems we now have function to the extent they’re functional on inertia. That’s their sole momentum.”*

If you’re on the Titanic and it’s going down, *doing* really isn’t what is called for – watching and understanding what is going on is quintessential to personal survival. You can’t prepare for an unknown situation except to be mentally prepared. In my opinion, that’s where we are today. Keep your sense of humour, you are going to need it.


*Earl Moulton answers a question about how the system is going to handle change (40 seconds of pith):

It’s an issue that’s been in my mind, too. I say that government works at the speed of dark, and everybody else is at the speed of light. And the systems we have right now are incapable of Moore’s law rule, let alone the Quantum future that’s facing us. And that’s why in other forums I have about an hour rant that revolution is necessary. Because the systems we now have function to the extent they’re functional on inertia. That’s their sole momentum.

Forum on Surveillance held November 1st, 2012 in the Fisher 100 auditorium at Camosun College in Victoria BC, 19:00-21:00. Guests: Earl Moulton, Ret. RCMP Asst. Commander, Micheal Vonn, BC Civil Liberties Dr. Keving Walby, UVic Sociology Professor Moderator: Patti Stockton, Former ADM Public Safety.

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