Corporations and Their Media Demand Referendum on Voting Reform

But how can we have a fair Referendum when The Corporations own The Media- and will lie about everything to get what they want.

(Jan. 1, 2016) Breaking News: Canada’s Corporate Media suddenly care about democracy. And because they love democracy, our corporate TV stations, Radio stations and Newspapers are demanding we have a referendum on any change to our voting system.

This is the same media that never mentioned the word democracy as Stephen Harper attacked us and our nation for years. That’s because Stephen Harper was doing what Big Business wanted and they didn’t want any ‘democracy’ getting in the way.

But now we have something the corporations DON’T want … a chance for a better and more democratic Voting System. So NOW it’s time for democracy and a referendum. Right! Please don’t believe their lies. Corporations hate Democracy; they care only about power and profit. If we are stupid enough to believe them, then nothing will get better.

Proportional voting systems give people the governments they actually voted for, which is important. And a better voting system can lead to positive changes. PR Europe will not sign the ‘free trade’ deals the corporations want, and they have less poverty and homelessness. Many PR democracies don’t allow Genetically Contaminated foods into their countries. PR voting systems create better health care systems than Canada now has. This is because PR systems are more democratic, so PR countries are more what people want, and less what corporations want.

Personally, I like Referendums. I think Canadians should vote on a lot of important issues. But how can a nation have a fair referendum when virtually every TV Station, Radio Station, and Newspaper in the country – and a lot of the biggest websites – are owned by Corporations that don’t want more democracy.

Is the Corporate Media demanding a Referendum on the TPP? How about a referendum on raising corporate taxes, or getting rid of genetically contaminated foods? Is there anything in the media about democracy on those issues? No. And why do you think that is…

One way to beat the corporations is to get a more democratic voting system in Canada, and right now we may have a chance. So don’t believe what the media tells you. Inform yourself about Voting Reform and different voting systems. We owe it to ourselves, and our country, and the future.
Questions about voting systems? Please email me, I’ll try to find answers.

Jack Etkin:
The Bridge News Service

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One thought on “Corporations and Their Media Demand Referendum on Voting Reform

  1. I support proportional representation but – which one? I understand the different methods but not the practical impacts of each voting method on democracy. Corporate media is biased towards profits, & most politicians will vote for the system that provides members or parties the greatest chance of winning a seat. If we have a referendum, the corporate media & global industry will distort the facts, with their SPIN machine, confuse voters and we’ll end up with the old system (B.C. etc.). We need a referendum but instead of splitting our votes between first past post and the other choices, why not have a non partisan group of experts on electoral reform pick the bests alternative system and hold a national referendum with two choices (old or new)?


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