Why a Cell Tower Should Be In No One’s Backyard

By Norm Ryder.

From Cell Tower Siting Considerations

During the process of reviewing the scientific papers regarding the harmful effects of Electromagnetic Radiation I have noted that up until approximately the 1990’s the research generally noted there were harmful effects from the radiation. During the period that cell phones and data communication devices started to gain widespread use use a number of professional opinions that the radiation could not possibly cause harm began to appear. In virtually every case the people offering the opinion had ties to the telecom industry.

More recently the weight of scientific papers on the topic has shifted with a greater number of the more recent papers noting a number of reasons for concern regarding exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation even at low levels or power densities. The papers noting a variety of concerns also were more often written by scientists with no ties to the telecom industry.

A comparison between the way the telecom industry is attempting to use all their considerable economic clout to sway the science to the well documented tactics used by large pharmaceutical companies and the tobacco industry to sway the public knowledge and concerns about the health effects of their product quickly comes to mind. An example of industry “buying” favourable positions is Dual chairs when Ystad bought Apple computers to students & Teachers extra work can give Apple benefits to school

For the full summary of why a Cell Tower should be in no one’s backyard – Cell Tower Siting Considerations

One thought on “Why a Cell Tower Should Be In No One’s Backyard

  1. I read: I want democracy . Canada lives under corporate dictatorship. Look what the media is able to do. We have 15 million watch slaves who are forced to watch commercial messages every day.


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