Interesting Experience Holding a Vigil out side the Legislature.

By Norm Ryder.

Many examples of the government and Worksafe/WCAT abuse and bullying of the most vulnerable – an injured worker almost by definition is in the category of the most vulnerable, One is left with the impression that it is government policy to bully the disadvantaged and the more they are disadvantaged the more they qualify to be bullied.

One certainly can not accuse the government or its agencies of caring and compassion. The government among other gifts to the least vulnerable in their recent budget have decided the richest 2 % should be given 230 million a year or $690 over 3 years in breaks and advantages. Contrast this to the $170 million over 3 years they are providing the least advantaged of the disabled.

I am sure the well paid executive at Worksafe and WCAT appreciate the gifts to the wealth. Many are making over $300,000 a year with the CEO exceeding $500,000 a year. Many injured workers receive 0 – less when one considers the cost of battling with Worksafe/WCAT for a fair treatment. (Figures are from their recent annual reports)

The people of BC, Workers and employers should be asking Are we well served by a crown corporation responsible for workplace health and safety that accumulates over $800 million a year in surplus funds?

Normal business – even insurance companies – would call this surplus a profit which works out to about a 30% profit. They can afford to treat workers better and lower the rates for employers and would still have a surplus.

People have asked why I lump WCAT (Workers’ Compensation Appeals Tribunal) and Worksafe together as one – they are one. WCAT despite their claims is not an independent tribunal. 100% of their funding comes from Worksafe 100% of their case load (ie work) comes from Worksafe, they use the Worksafe job positing board to advertise for more employees and they report and take their direction from the Workers Compensation board as a parallel entity to Worksafe – An independent tribunal should only report to and take direction from the people of BC.

When I started dealing with the bullies I quickly realized that they needed to be reformed- after years of battle and many other peoples examples I feel they can not be fixed but should be disbanded and a fresh start focused on workplace health and safety and care of injured workers.

Norm Ryder
The highly dangerous and unpredictable zones around Cell Towers, Cell Phones and other radiating device.

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