DESTROYING OUR FUTURE: Christy Clark .. Site C .. and Corporate Canada

No Site C Dam Here

“Creative Commons No Site C Dam Here” by tuchodi is licensed under CC BY 2.0

(March 24, 2016)  The big problem in Canada is that The Corporations run the country.  They own The Big Media, and they control The Top Politicians.  The politicians ‘manage’ us – and the Media keep us divided and uninformed so we don’t get in the way.

Site C is one example.  It’s an economic and environmental disaster – but it works for the 1% of the 1% – so Christy Clark is building it for them.  She’ll spend Billions of our dollars to build Site C and destroy some of Canada’s best farmland.  And Site C will also help bankrupt – and privatize – BC Hydro. It’s Win Win for big business.

Why don’t the media attack and destroy Christy for this disaster?  They don’t because she and they work for the same boss.  She’s in Asset Management – managing us.  And the Media do PR and Propaganda.

We are under Corporate Attack.  They have taken over our country.  They will happily impoverish us and kill us for a few more bucks. And we Canadians are so overwhelmed that we have yet to mount an effective response.

When the corporations control the politicians AND media,
the lives of citizens are at risk.

Our country is run for Corporate Profit.  That’s why we have Site C. And MSP.  And LNG. And more poverty and debt. And crises in our hospitals and schools.  We have these things because that’s the corporate plan.
Site C is just a symptom.  Our real problem is The Corporations have stolen our democracy and taken over our media.  That’s what we have to fix.

Can we stop the lunatics who run our country and build ourselves a democracy?
We shall see.
But one thing is for sure. If we can’t destroy the power of the corporations …
they will most certainly destroy us.

Photo: “Creative Commons No Site C Dam Here” by tuchodi is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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The Bridge News Service

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