Shaw Cable Cancels Program That Suggested RCMP faked ‘Terror Attack’ in Victoria BC and worked with Media to blame Muslim Canadians.

(April 11, 2016) By Jack Etkin- former host of Citizens Forum

Shaw Cable refuses to air a Community Television program suggesting the RCMP and the Government of Canada faked a terror bombing in Victoria BC in 2013 and then – with the Corporate Media used the incident to create a backlash against Muslim Canadians and create divisions in Canadian society.

These are serious allegations to make against the government, police, and media – to say that they faked a bombing and then put the blame on a community of people that had nothing to do with it … but I think that’s exactly what happened. The Media put a lot of blame on Muslims for this phony attack – and Shaw participated in that. But when I said what seems to be true – based on the evidence – Shaw refused to air it and then canceled our program.

Here is the background story: The RCMP targeted a couple in their 30’s who were poor, troubled and heavily drug involved. And they had ‘become Muslim’. By the time the RCMP ‘op’ was finished, the couple were on video planting bombs at the BC Legislature on Canada Day. They have been in jail ever since for something that NEVER would have happened without the RCMP setting it up. They even feared the RCMP would kill them if they didn’t plant the bombs. A BC Judge is looking into the issue of ‘entrapment’ by the RCMP.

So, based on that story, Canada’s Media linked Muslim Canadians to the ‘terror bombing’ over and over again, and really smeared Canada’s Muslim community. And the media told us we really need Bill C51 … to help stop this ‘homegrown terrorism. (See Calgary Herald story).

But the evidence suggests the Harper Government and the RCMP ran a false flag operation and used it to target Muslim Canadians, and that’s what I said. Shaw refused to show that, but it’s fine for the media to say ‘the Muslims did it’.

Divide and Conquer is an old and effective trick. That’s what I think we are seeing here, the deliberate creation of fear and division in our society by our senior politicians, the national police, and the media. If that’s true – if they are doing that to us – then our country is in real danger – from our own Corporate and Political leadership.

And it shows how much Canada needs a media that is independent of Corporate ownership and control. These kinds of things could not happen if we had an honest media. And our leaders trick us and manipulate us all the time. This attack is just one example.

Why would our leaders fake a terrorist attack and then put the blame on an entire community of innocent people. And why won’t Shaw allow that to be said? These are important questions that demand answers.

Community Television is regulated by the CRTC.
The Minister is Melanie Joly. Email: – Or Call Toll-Free: 1-800-720-0994

Here (at 5:40) is what Shaw would not allow:

Jack Etkin:
The Bridge News Service

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7 thoughts on “Shaw Cable Cancels Program That Suggested RCMP faked ‘Terror Attack’ in Victoria BC and worked with Media to blame Muslim Canadians.

  1. Forgot my password Jack.  Of course it is elementary Dear Watson what has happened with thae RCMP and politics without a doubt.  Rhetorical question: How do you expect Shaw Cable to act?  Of course, they could do no other.

    I am very much for the democracy that we are losing.  And I want a peaceful life for everyone in the world.  What Trudeau did by accepting women and children, and men of their families from war torn Syria and surrounding, was a stroke of genius.

    I have felt unfairly silenced by the threat of presenting as racist.

    I am not, NOT for Muslims for the suppression of women that is built into their “religion” which is systemic organizational political suppression, rather than religious or spiritual expression.  I am for the people who are from Syria and other countries that have as the overview or umbrella religion or culture of “Muslim”.  I do want them here so that they can be Canadianized.  So their daughters can go to school here and never wear niquabs or other gear.  So that the families will get over Sharia Law. 

    I do not support Multiculturalism.  I respect Trudeau Senior’s heart in his desire to respect people the world over.  However, the melting pot is really the only thing that works.  To have people hang on to some of the worst things in their society that drove them to Canada in the first place is extremely counterproductive, backward, and damaging to all concerned.

    I am happy that Germany, the Netherlands, Australia and the UK have ceased supporting Multiculturalism.  Australia sure has its hands full. 

    I like what you are doing. 

    Thank you. Thank you. 

    Linda McAmmond


  2. well Hey Jack.  I value your contributions to our society and the energy and enthusiasm you have, and the honest values you have.

    I also suspect you are a very busy man…. and like me, you can respond to people when the spirit strikes you.

    I have bared my “soul” to you about where I stand and what I would do if given direction and opportunity. 

    With all respect I think I understand where you stand on immigration of muslims.  They all people like me and you just trying to live.

    The overlying challenge for Canadians in their presence is to foster, and hope they can make a full transition, to the equality that our past few genereations have consciously understood would bring us all greater happiness compared to before – and it did. 

    I feel somewhat threatened about our communal energy to sustain our Canadian culture in the face of the challanges that their culture of inequality brings – the most glaring inequality being between women and men. 

    I have not received a reply from you and so wonder if you value how cultural assessment LOOKS,  as to how it really LIVES, in order present with more impact that which you are trying to present.

    Many revered and influential famous men have wanted equality for, say, Blacks, while beinJ g completely blind to the fact that the women in their lives were subservient and devalued, and totally ignored in their rights and deep needs for equality.

    I have lots of energy, enthusiasm and passion for the fact that women are equal in every way to men, except for muscle mass perhaps – and for the fact that women do not in deed have equal rights yet in our society.

    What do you think, Jack?

    most sincerely,

    Linda McAmmond.


    • Hi Linda
      Sorry for the delay getting back to you. We don’t get many comments, it took a few days for the administrator to get this to me…
      I don’t thing think that the Muslim religion makes women subservient much more than Christianity or Judaism .. although here in the West we have moved forward on that issue certainly in the past few decades… I hope. Although in part it seems to depend on money .. if you have it, you are more equal than if you don’t have it, which is terrible. If you are poor you are treated like garbage, men and women and children … all the same.

      For myself, I want everyone to be equal, as equal as possible. That’s how I try to see people, although like most of us I have my faults and flaws in this regard….
      I think that in the 1960s, Afghanistan for example had quite a lot of equality between men and women, and it was a fairly prosperous nation. The Niqab and all of that was quite uncommon. Then the Americans created the Mujihadeen, the radical fundamentalists, and sent them into Afghanistan in order to destabilize the Soviet Union. From that came all the problems that followed. It was the same in Iran after the fall of the Shah… the revolution that got rid of the Shah of Iran was a social democratic revolution, but the west wouldn’t allow that and so supported the Mullahs and the Ayatollahs, and brought them to power with all the religious fundamentalism that came after that … In other words, I think that if we dig a bit below the surface we see that, once again, the enemy is us …
      I think people are people. We can find the good the bad and the ugly in all groups …
      As for Shaw TV, I guess the real story is that the RCMP and the Harper government conspired to create a false bombing here in Victoria to build fear and division and hatred against Muslims, and nobody seems to dare say that. What a mess that is for our Canada..
      I am quite sure we can fix things up here, but first we have to get rid of the real problem, which is corporate control of our governments and our media


  3. Thanks for your reply. I remember Afghanistan vaguely as being safe and normal back then. I also remember distinctly the fall of the Shah of Iran, which I did not understand at the time. The Ayatollah was shocking. In Phoenix AZ I had some friends who worked for General Electric which frequently sent these engineers to Iran. They were scheduled to leave on Friday when I believe the fall of the Shah happened on the Sunday before.

    It is good to read the clear statements about the Americans creating the Mujihadeen to destabilize the the Soviet Union. My knowledge on this is vague so I will research it.

    I have a feeling it is just a way of talking when you say the enemy is us. Won’t assume really what you mean to say, though but the enemy is the 1%, the classic military industrial complex – which is our enemy also.

    I bought the book “Capital In The Twenty-First Century” by Thomas Piketty, the first week it was in the book stores. No I have not completely read it, but through several extensive comments on it I get the gist.

    Capitalism must be modified to bring back true democracy. The pure Capitalism leads to the “99%” and the rest of us… says three hundred years of statistics.

    Yes, the Scandinavian countries seem to have it right. At least as right as is demonstrated in the world today.

    I am encouraged by the young people today who seem to echo what we were getting at in the sixties. The difference is that we had it made in the sixties and now the world is a completely different place – but we seemed to have raised, in North America,enough young, conscious, aware people who are making their voice heard, and may be one of the strengths we have in North America as we grapple with the huge changes that have to be made.

    Technology, and our society has changed so much it has plunged us into crisis. These young people can clearly see that democracy – one person, one vote – is basic. It is a basic start. It is of course, SO not as simple as that – but it s the basis and we can’t do without it.

    Gonna take a lot of work to get it there. But then I’m an optimist.

    Thanks, Jack and have a good week.


  4. The Tyee: RCMP found wanting, if not negligent, in Duffy verdict

    by Neil Macdonald

    “…Justice Charles Vaillancourt …….effectively characterizing the charges against Duffy as an abuse of power….

    proved that in Canada, the courts are there to protect citizens against the venal machinations of those in high office, and the terrifying power of the police and prosecutors who answer to them.”


  5. Muslims are neither a “race” nor a “religion” but they use religion to con the infidels. The infidels being us. Dare anyone point out the perversions in their teachings and they have all learned to yell the “racist” word with great success. The burga, the hijab, are a threat to women all over the world. The lie that those items are to protect the females is bullshit as the females in the world of Islam are getting killed off in greater numbers than the men, and by their own men, and no one is talking about that. The men are running away from Syria and Isis and leaving the women behind. Look closely at the pictures of the refugees and you will see that there are very few women, just a lot of young soldier aged men. And very few children. That shows you how much the world of Islam respects their females In 1959 I was in Grade 1 in Wakaw public school being taught in my :”catechism” class that “Mohammed so loved Aisha, he ( an adult male in his ’50’s ) married her when she was 6 years old. This was setting the stage to normalize and get the citizens to accept paedophilia. When I was taught that I remember thinking to myself that then I could marry my Uncle Lloyd and he would be able to stop Uncle Bill bugging me. I was not even 6 years old. I was being indoctrinated in Grade 1 Public School to accept the perversions of the “Great Religions of the World” as they called it. Muslims want to “marry” females as young as 3(that’s why Michael Jackson moved to a Muslim country when he was facing paedophilia charges)and The Mormoms want to “marry” females as young as 12. Check out the story of Bountiful BC and all the adult males there who want to marry and control females as young as 12 and convince society to accept their paedophilia which they call a a religion. And both groups are using our government and laws to force us to accept this garbage under the name of “Sharia Law”. Even in the Catholic religion females were nothing more than property to be acquired for the labour force and to provide a labour force for the fields. My own grandmother was 14 when she married my grandfather who was 10 years older than her. Poor woman never had one day of school and only knew that her purpose was to work in the fields, the gardens, the cows, chickens, pigs, horses and food preparation and preservation to name a few of her obligations. Oh year and get pregnant and provide a work force for the fields. It was considered a waste of money to educate a female even within my generation. Women are only chattel according to the various patriarchal organizations. When I worked on the Syncrude Site in Ft.McMurray, I was exploring the possibility of working in Saudi Arabia, a Muslim country. When the “big shots” were telling me what to expect in regard to the treatment of women and how I would not be able to go anywhere on my own without the threat of rape and beatings and having to wear the burqa, my face was expressionless but my eyes were filled with rage. One of the men looked at me and said “Deborah, don’t go. They will kill you just because of your eyes.” They did not realize that I was horrified with the fact that these big corporations would go create projects in these countries and not report the human rights abuses, all for the all mighty buck. And also the fact that the majority of the abuse is against women for something as simple as showing an arm. Before the fall of the Shah of Iran, the women of the country dressed as women in Canada and the US dressed and were able to have educations and careers. Now they are forced to wear the burga and beaten if they expose an arm and beg in the streets to survive or become a prostitute. That’s what the man’s world gives the women of Islam. There are villages in Afghanistan, Pakistan and other countries that are only filled with men because they have either aborted the female fetuses or killed the females for thinking they might be able to have a life and refuse an arranged marriage or expose and arm or be killed by the husband, father or brother just because he could. This practice is being carried out in Canada and females born in Canada are sent on “holiday’s” to Afghanistan only to be taken to a “butcher” to have her clitoris removed. This is what the world of Islam gives the female members of the “cult” complete with female genital mutilation. All in the name of a supposed “religion”. We had one former tenant in my apartment building would beat his wife nightly with the accompaniment of a child crying. Or maybe that was her crying because the child was male and it was definitely a female crying. When confronted and told to stop beating his wife he declared it was his religious right to beat his wife. They were a Muslim family. I grew up listening to men claim it their right to beat their children and wives because “they could” and it’s a “he said she said world”. ( One good Catholic boy tried to justify his attempted beating of me by saying that the bible even states that all women deserve to be beaten.) Instead of stopping the beatings they just moved to another place where he could “religiously” beat her with no interruptions. Allah even gives permission to the men of Islam to rape the infidel’s wives in the “Glorious Koran”. The women of Islam are not allowed to pray in the same room as the males who impregnate them or the male offspring from their bodies. A Muslim man is allowed to marry 4 women and can dump them whenever her feels like it. A Muslim woman cannot “divorce” as easily as that and often is faced with death. No Muslim woman is allowed to marry 4 men and I certainly don’t see any 70 year old women with 10 year old husbands. When I was growing up and being indoctrinated into the Orthodox world, very similar to the Muslims, I was told, as many were, that females entering the church was an insult to the Lord, but the Lord being the nice guy he was, let females in only if they covered their hideous faces and bodies. Now isn’t that just a beautiful way for the patriarchal religious organizations to treat their women. So the Muslims just jazzed it up a bit and made the bullshit story that it is to protect them. What a joke! I also had Jehovah’s Witness garbage rammed down my throat for a few years as well. It’s so interesting to see how each patriarchal organization works so hard to control the females and use them as free labour, punching bags and bait and whatever else amuses them. I’m looking into women’s religions now. Men’s religions are too hurtful and confusing.


  6. It seems to me that every news media was talking about the RCMP setting up these people. Why is Shaw taking exception to you saying pretty much what everyone else was and is saying?


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