Did RCMP Fake Terror Bombing To Blame Muslims?

On Canada Day 2013, the RCMP ‘faked’ a Terror Bombing in Victoria B.C. The Media then ‘blamed’ Canada’s Muslim Community – who had nothing to do with it.

(May 9, 2016): The RCMP carried out a fake Terror Bombing in Victoria BC on July 1, 2013. Canada’s Media then told us that Muslims had done this terrorist act. Was this ‘operation’ planned and carried out not to ‘prevent’ a bombing, but to fake a bombing and then use that act to blame Muslims and create fear and division in our country?

A phony bombing was carried out by the RCMP. There is no real question about that. And then the Media linked the bombing to Canada’s Muslim Community. Why did Canada’s Corporate Media so happily participate in blaming this ‘terror bombing’ on an entire community of innocent people. The ‘Official Story’ we are being told seemed absurd almost from the beginning. And yet the media repeated it over and over, as if it were ‘really true’. Were journalists told to report the story in a certain way?

Canadians need to get an answer to this question. Did the Federal Government, the RCMP, and the Corporate Owners of the Media work together to fake a bombing – and then blame it on Muslim Canadians? And if they did … then Why?

The ‘Official Story’ is that in July 2013, a couple in their 30s placed ‘pressure cooker bombs’ on the grounds of the BC Legislative Buildings, where thousands would soon be celebrating Canada Day. Luckily, the RCMP was there, had been involved from the beginning, and the bombs were inert. Arrests were made. We were told the terrorist couple had recently ‘Become Muslim’. The Media then fed us the usual ‘Muslim Bomber Terrorist’ story. Here is one example.

The ‘Muslim Couple Who Did It’ seemed to have no interest in carrying out a terrorist attack. They did however fear the RCMP would kill them if they didn’t plant the bombs. Did the RCMP threaten to kill two people to force them into a fake bombing that would then be blamed on Canada’s Muslim Community by our Corporate Media?

What can we do? Please contact your Member of Parliament and ask them to wake up and do something … And please contact your favorite media and tell them whatever you feel is appropriate.

Jack Etkin: jetkin@hotmail.com
The Bridge News Service
Citizens Forum

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3 thoughts on “Did RCMP Fake Terror Bombing To Blame Muslims?

  1. It really seems that way…..   Would be nice to talk to the young couple and be friends with a couple of the cops ….. altho the couple seem to have said all there is to say already ….. money is the key at this point , money for a good lawyer and some very good investigators.  If the presumption or conjecture is true, as clumsy as it seems, the guilty parties likely would have closed ranks.  But money opens a lot of doors.  However, just having the courage to put one’s suspicions in print is adding to the questions in the general public’s mind – just how corrupt IS our current government?   For busy people who haven’t given it much thought, the level of credulousness of our current government would be an interesting subject to muse.  It all adds up.  By now it would seem that not too many people miss the obviousness and crassness with which Christy Clark and her ilk operate.  The astounding thing is the lack of movement on the public to make Christy Clark and her ilk accountable.  However, 2017 will likely see the last of her.  Sadly for justice, she will have profited satisfactorily by then. 

    Interesting to note that demographics showed that the two regions most responsible for her election were Richmond and Surrey.  In their absence she would not have been our premier.  So her attention to Bollywood and the like, paid off.  She was rebukedin the press  before the election to unethically and shamelessly playing to them.  But then she appears to have no shame, and no lofty motives of advancing the people of B.C. or protecting our great natural resources.  She does look like she has no conscience, no compassion and no remorse. 

    Amazing we all have been saddled with such a creature.  Richmond and Surrey have not gained by her po sition as premier.  Any so-called gains have been cooked.  Medicare in B.C. is not included in our tax.  The rest of Canada includes medicare in taxes.  Christy Clark at one point claimed that B.C. had the lowest taxes in Canada. 

    Such behavior, such statements are truly an insult to the intelligence of the people of B.C.  The jobs have not materialized.  The photo-ops are extremely obvious.  Pretty sure she is “gone”. 

    As a province, as a community, we must find a way to fashion a party with integrity, backbone, and good choices.  We have so many good people in B.C.  Getting organized is crucial…..no-one needs to tell us that.  Here’s hoping it can happen.  Here’s hoping the people of our fair province will keep on reminding each other to stay conscious.  Stay present – and never forget that we are a community.  We are all Canadians.  We can fall back on our cultural heritage if only we keep it at the forefront of our consciousness, and understand that we have more in common than we do that makes us different from each other.  We who reside here all came to Canada for a reason.  We operate with optimism, and with the common good in mind.  We want to be good neighbours.  We want to be good Canadians.  That will bond us.  Equality and respect will cement our bonds  and make us happy.  That is the reason all of us, all of us Canadian citizens came to Canada .

    We all came to Canada for a better life.  And together we can forge it.  Integrity and equality are our watchwords.  Constant vigilance, in the form of critical thinking, is what is going to end the corruption in our Beautiful B.C. and return the government to the people.  Then, when the newspapers do their surveys …. the people in this area of the world can be voted “The Happiest ‘Country’ in The World”.  The Scandinavian countries have enjoyed that honor for a while. W ith a little attention to the detail of constant consciousness to our Canadian culture, we could be the next in line for that happy title.


  2. Of course!  If Canadians can be made to believe this shit they’ll think it’sOK to bomb Muslims – which is what the government is doing!


  3. There are a great many questions…

    How is it that they were charged 4 months before the fact?

    They were charged on march 2nd, 2013 with
    CCC – 465(1)(c) Conspiracy to commit indictable offence
    CCC – 83.19 knowingly facilitate a terrorist activity

    and charged June 25th with
    CCC – 83.2 makes/has in his possession explosive substance
    (6 days before the supposed offense)

    [Oops…I checked the above link and it has ‘disappeared’ from the gov website.

    Fortunately there are screenshots of the page. ( http://web.archive.org/web/20130706024417/http://westcoastnativenews.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/false-flag1.png ) ]

    In order for a charge to be laid, the crown is provided with the evidence and approves the charge. As this was done in March, How were they free to continue at all, given that the crown had already confirmed evidence enough for a charge.

    Were thay not notified of being charged at the time?

    How were they charged in March, for a crime that the media is saying happened four months later?

    Why has no corporate media reporter asked the above questions?


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