Are Homelessness and High House Prices Two Parts of the Same Plan?

Would Corporate Canada create a housing shortage to push up prices and make a fortune?
While ‘the corporate media’ remains silent…

(May 27, 2016):    I think the Billionaires who run this country have deliberately created a shortage of homes in many of our cities.  The housing shortage has pushed up prices and put millions of Canadians deeply into debt, while creating huge profits for the 1%.  The shortage has also created a homeless problem that is destabilizing our cities and harming us all.  And this is not by accident, this IS the corporate plan.

There is little available housing in many of our cities. So thousands of people at the bottom of the economic ladder have been forced onto the streets.  These are Canadians who don’t have enough money to compete for a place to live.  In the past we had enough homes for everyone.  But now we don’t.  Why?

Here in Victoria BC, the Media constantly blame the homeless and pit them against ‘the rest of us’.  But the media NEVER tell us why we have this problem.

Is the Housing Shortage a plan to make Canadians pay exorbitant amounts for a place to live – with much of that money going to the people at the top?  Homelessness is one symptom of the shortage of homes.  Out of control Rents and House Prices are another.

How they created the shortage:  First, the private sector hasn’t built enough houses, and this shortage is the root of the problem.  Also, our governments used to build thousands of homes.  Here in BC, from the 1970’s to the 1990’s, government built about 2000 units of housing a year. (1)   And the same was done right across Canada.  But now our ‘Corporate Governments’ have virtually stopped building, and allowed the shortage to worsen.  They saw it happening, and allowed it to continue..  It’s not difficult to predict population growth in cities over time … and then provide  adequate housing.  Canada is the second biggest country on earth, with a population of only 35 million.  But somehow we don’t have enough land or housing for our people…??  (1)  Marc Lee; Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives

To further push up prices, our governments opened Canada’s homes and housing stock to the world’s Investor Class.  ‘Buy Canadian Homes and Make a Fortune’ is the message.  And To Hell with the people who actually live here.  In the past you had to be a citizen or resident to buy homes and property.  Other nations still do this, but our governments have made our homes into a casino for the rich.  In Vancouver, more than 11,000 units of housing sit empty … mainly foreign owned investments.  If those 11,000 units were on the market, the entire housing situation in Vancouver would change.  Why do our leaders do this?  Why do the media keep it secret?

We have homeless people roaming our streets because there is NO housing for them.  And those of us who have enough money to buy or rent; many have to pay a lot more than necessary.  People often criticize Canada for not having a ‘housing policy’, but we do have a housing policy – and we see it every day.  Canada’s Housing Policy is Homelessness, High Prices, and the Maximization of Corporate Profit.  Our leaders are forcing millions of us to work harder and harder for a place to live, and they are taking the money.  None of this is necessary, but it works well for the 1% of the 1%.  And Justin Trudeau will go along with it, just as Stephen Harper did.  And the media will never talk about it, because that is the Corporate Canada we live in today.

It’s time for a democratic revolution in Canada.  We have to overthrow the corrupt leadership of our country, and replace it with democratic governments that work for us.  And we need a media independent of corporate control.  If we cannot do these things, the corporations will impoverish us and destroy our nation.

Jack Etkin:
The Bridge News Service
Citizens Forum

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One thought on “Are Homelessness and High House Prices Two Parts of the Same Plan?

  1. I totally agree with your comments. The wealthy elite 1%, are turning Canada and the world into feudal-like states where Corporations are the Royalty or Lairds who own everything and the major shareholders pull the strings to make sure they get the maximum profits without paying personal income taxes—gouging the populace for every service, utility, water and even every morsel that everyone has to eat. No-one can afford agricultural land anymore to even grow food for self-sufficiency. I sure miss your TV show—such a disgrace that SHAW cancelled you–so much for freedom of expression. I hope you will be able to resume Citizen’s Forum soon.s


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