Christy Clark Closes Vancouver Schools To Pay For Corporate Tax Cuts

But Globe and Mail Story doesn’t say that …

(June 29, 2016):  Public Education in BC is under attack as Premier Christy Clark closes schools to pay for Corporate Tax Cuts.  But Canada’s Corporate Owned Media won’t say that because journalists are not allowed to report the truth.  Only the Corporate Truth is allowed in Canada’s media.

A June 21 Globe and Mail story says the Vancouver School Board is looking at closing 12 schools to deal with a $27 million deficit.  The Globe tells us closing these schools would save about $9 million a year  This is about 1 / 1000 of one year’s profit of the Royal Bank ($10 Billion). But the Globe won’t talk about taxing the banks to give more money to our public schools. That’s an idea they do NOT want people to ever think about, so they never mention it.  In Canada saying ‘Tax the Banks’ is not allowed.

Christy Clark, has under-funded schools for years; now many are dirty, crowded, and understaffed, and have fewer library programs, less music, and less all the things that Christy doesn’t want children to have. Especially children in poorer neighbourhoods. So why doesn’t The Globe mention Christy in the story. Her name is nowhere to be seen even though the schools are closing because of her.

Christy is doing terrible things to people … but she couldn’t do it without the full support of EVERY Corporate Media outlet in British Columbia. The Corporate Newspapers. The Corporate Radio Stations.  And Corporate TV; CTV, CBC, Global etc. The Corporate Media’s job is to make sure the schools close without putting too much blame on Christy, because she is still ‘valuable’ to Big Business.

In the Globe story, we’re told that the Vancouver School Board will be closing the schools. And that is true. It is our School Boards who have to do the corporate Dirty Work – or they will be fired.  So while Christy isn’t mentioned in the Globe story, the School Board Chairman IS named.  And Corporate Canada isn’t mentioned, even though Corporate Canada is deeply involved. The Corporations want the money – So Schools have to close.  But the Globe and Mail – owned by Canada’s richest family – will NEVER say that.

This is what we’re up against … undemocratic politicians and a corrupt media that work together to carry out the corporate agenda and continuously betray Canada and Canadians.  The 1% of the 1% already has so much, but we have to close Public Schools so they can have even more.

There are Solutions

We have to stop believing the Corporate Media. We have to build the independent media a democracy needs. AND we have to build some democracy into our political systems. In Democracy, what people want counts for something. In Canada in 2016, what we want doesn’t seem to matter at all.  In Canada today, The Corporations Rule … and that’s what has to change.  We need a Democratic Canada.

Here’s the Globe story.

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