Trudeau Gives Canada’s Community Television Money to Shaw, Rogers, Bell …

About $80 Million – half of Canada’s Community TV budget – will go to
these poor corporations who need it so much

(July 8, 2016): Community TV is the one place on television not completely controlled by Corporate Canada. Community TV is where The News – not just ‘The Corporate News’ – can still be spoken. At least Sometimes.

Unfortunately, the federal government allows big cable companies like Rogers, Shaw, and Videotron to ‘control’ our Community TV stations, so things are not as good as they could be. But if it was ‘freed up’, Community TV could help transform our country. Media is important in a democracy because citizens need honest facts and information so we can make intelligent decisions in our own best interests. People also need access to a variety of ideas and perspectives about important issues. The Corporate Media gives us none of this. On all important issues, only ‘The Official Story’ is allowed.

Community Television allows average citizens to be on TV and talk about all the things the corporations won’t allow in ‘their’ media. So Community TV can act as a ‘balance’ to the tremendous power of the Corporate Owned Media. And we Canadians desperately need that balance at this time in our history when so very much is at risk.

But instead, Justin Trudeau is taking away the money Community TV needs. And he’s giving it to his friends in Corporate Canada.

The CRTC, which regulates Community TV, has just decided to take about $80 million out of the $150 Million Community Television Budget … and give that money to The Corporate Media. Most of the money will go to big players like Shaw, Rogers and Bell. These corporations will use the money to subsidize their own Local News programs on the channels they own. Trudeau is giving Big Business $80 Million so they can feed us even more misinformation and propaganda. Do we want this? Were we asked? Do we care?

And … this is OUR money Mr. Trudeau is giving away. About 4% of our monthly cable bill is a fee that pays for Community TV. Now that money is going to subsidize the corporate media. The Corporate Media are a big cause of the increasing poverty, homelessness, debt and environmental disaster we face. If we had more independent media, the corporations could not get away with poisoning us and stealing our money as they now do.

This plan to give our Community TV money to Big Business was started a few years ago by the Harper Government. Now the Trudeau Government is ‘finishing the job’. And Mr. Trudeau is also finishing the job with CETA, the TPP, GMO foods, and etc. All of which he supports. Including the GMO salmon Trudeau allowed into the Canadian food supply – unlabelled of course – last month.

Thank you Justin. You are doing very well for yourself aren’t you? Travelling the world. Meeting Obama. Looking good. And all you have to do is to betray those who trusted you and voted for you.

Justin Trudeau can be reached at

And please contact your own MP to see if they are interested …

Jack Etkin:
The Bridge News Service
Citizens Forum

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