Murder in France

We ARE Under Attack … but by Whom??

(July 21, 2016) Since 9/11, so much has been a False Flag or a Lie. I think 9/11 itself was a False Flag supported by the most powerful people in the U.S. That’s why neither the U.S. nor Canadian Governments had an honest investigation. And that’s why the Corporate Media will never ask the questions that would blow the lid off the official 9/11 lies. Thousands of innocent people were killed on 9/11, and those deaths led to millions more deaths in the Middle East. That was The Corporate Plan and they carried it out and led us into a disaster that seems to work for them.

A U.S. War OF Terror: The destruction of Afghanistan and Iraq was based on lies. Those nations were destroyed by a U.S. led War OF Terror. Canada participated. This War of Terror was sold to us by our corrupt Media. Libya was then destroyed by a NATO attack led by a Canadian General. And now Syria.

Syria is not a Civil War. The ‘rebels’ are financed and armed by the lunatics who run the United States. These people created the terror armies that have destroyed Syria. Canada’s Corporate Media have lied to us about the entire story. And we believe them and sleep on ….

ISIS was formed out of this insanity. Please Google: US Funds ISIS. Many serious people think the U.S. created ISIS to spread terror in the Middle East, and ALSO to bring terror to the West.

People are fighting the corporate agenda of free trade, austerity, environmental destruction, and the rest of it. The Corporations don’t like it when people fight back. People who fight back must be taught a lesson. So the corporations and their politicians create – and then unleash – terror and death.

And they’ve done it before. If you Google: Bush Hitler Guardian you’ll see how Corporate America funded Adolph Hitler and the Nazis to bring them to power and start World War 2. And they have kept this truth completely hidden from us for 80 years. That’s the kind of Free Press and Democracy we have. To the Super-Rich we are all fools to be swept aside for ‘their’ profit and glory. And that’s exactly what they do.

Now we have ‘ISIS Terror Attacks’ going on all over the world. But if the U.S. is behind ISIS, then what’s going on? That’s the REAL question.

Were the murders in Nice a False Flag? Who knows. But I do know our rulers ARE capable of this. And I know they’ve done these things before. We need an honest investigation of what’s going on. But there never is an investigation.

In Canada in 2016, it’s a big mistake to believe anything we’re told by the Media and the Politicians. They’ve lied to us about the important issues for decades… and they’ve deliberately created the messes we are in today in order to maximize Corporate Profit.

We deserve a Free Press. AND we deserve a lot more Democracy than we have right now. BUT if we want these things we are going to have to fight for them.

Jack Etkin:
The Bridge News Service
Citizens Forum

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