Media Lying to Canadians about RCMP Fake Bombing of B.C. Legislature

Media linked bombing to Canada’s Muslim Community – which had NOTHING to do with it.

(July 31, 2016) The RCMP and Federal Government created a fake ‘terror bombing’ in Victoria BC in 2013. Then they and the media linked the attack to Canada’s Muslim Community, which had NOTHING to do with it. The ‘attack’ was planned and carried out by the RCMP. Nothing would have happened without the RCMP. That’s what Judge Catherine Bruce ruled last week. The Harper Government is also implicated.

Since the ‘bombing’, our Government and Media have spread fear, anger, hate, and division in Canada.  Muslim Canadians were the main targets … but ALL of us were the targets of this evil act. Our rulers WANT to divide us and distract us from the real issues we face. And they do it, by ‘creating another enemy’. How many thousands of times were the words ‘Terror, Bombing, and Muslim’ put together in the same sentence by our Media and the RCMP?

Fear and Division are ‘The Plan’  Was this fake RCMP attack carried out to divide and distract us while our REAL enemy, the 1% of the 1%, destroys our economy, our society, and the planet itself?  Our rulers know ‘Divide and Conquer’ works. Are they doing it in Canada right now? Would our rulers create religious trouble as a smokescreen for their own crimes – such as The TPP, GMOs, Homelessness, Bill C51, and the destruction of our democracy? You bet they would. These people will do ANYTHING to protect their wealth and power. Anything.

We Canadians must get to the bottom of this. Imagine our rulers faking a bombing to spread fear and division. Is that treason? What in the hell are these lunatics doing? An independent investigation is needed and those responsible must be held accountable.

But we are powerless. Corporate Canada controls the Big Media and the Top Politicians. What do we citizens have? We seem to be in great danger, and we have nowhere to turn except to ourselves. Our political processes have been corrupted. Our media is a corporate propaganda machine.

We remain disorganized, leaderless and without strategy. But we can move ahead. Step one is to recognize the ruthless manipulation and corruption of our ‘leaders’. Step 2 is to remove them from power and replace them with Democratic Governments. 

The story below includes Judge Bruce’s ruling:
Judge overturns convictions of John Nuttall and Amanda Korody in connection with plot to bomb B.C. legislature.

Jack Etkin:
The Bridge News Service
Citizens Forum

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