Can We Believe Latest RCMP Terror Bombing Story?

Two weeks after one RCMP Bombing Story turns out
to be a pack of lies … the Media gives us another one
with no questions asked!

August 11, 2016: We now have another RCMP Terror Bombing story in Canada. The Corporate Media AGAIN believes every word the RCMP tells them … and the Media is again putting the words ‘Muslim – Terror – Bombing’ over and over into the minds of all Canadians. And they are telling us how much we NEED Bill C51 to protect us from this terror.

And this is exactly what the Media did with the other terror story – the one a BC Supreme Court Judge just said is a lie. Based on that fake RCMP story from July 2013, the Media has told Canadians the words ‘Muslim – Terror – Bombing’ for almost three years – and told us how much we need Bill C51. The Corporate Media linked Muslim Canadians for 3 long years to a ‘terror attack’ that Canadian Muslims had NOTHING to do with because the attack was completely done by the RCMP. And the Media and the RCMP and CSIS used the RCMP attack to push for Bill C51. Which gives them even more powers to betray us.

Based on a phony RCMP story, our Corporate Media linked Canadian Muslims to a story about a terror bombing in Victoria BC and spread that lie across our country – and the world – thousands of times.

So now we have a new terror bombing story in Canada. And even though ‘the other story’ was a pack of lies … the media tells us to believe THIS story 100%. And that’s just what they told us the last time. There isn’t one question from CBC or CTV (Bell Media) or Global (Shaw) or the Globe and Mail (owned by Canada’s Richest Family). None of them makes any connection between this attack and ‘the other one’, the one the RCMP made happen.

Now I am NOT saying that the RCMP and The Media are lying to us about this latest bombing just because they lied to us the other time. But don’t we want to be sure we’re being told the truth? We know we can’t trust the RCMP. And we know we can’t trust the Corporate Media. And yet the two of them together are telling us this story, and nobody is asking if the story is really true. And maybe it is true – but based on the record we are fools if we believe these people about important things without asking a few questions and getting a few answers. The Media are NOT fools. But they are corrupt and they work against the interests of the people of Canada..Two weeks ago the Judge said the other bombing story was manufactured by the RCMP. So what about this story? If this story is true we should commend all involved for their efficient work. BUT … WE HAVE TO KNOW THE TRUTH.

Mr. Trudeau has already commended the RCMP for their good work. The Corporate Media pretend to believe every RCMP word. So where can we turn for someone who will DARE to ask a question?


“I find that the RCMP knowingly facilitated a terrorist activity by providing money and other services to the defendants that helped and made easier the terrorist activity.” (BC Supreme Court Justice Catherine Bruce, July 29, 2016 – while freeing two people who had spent three years in prison waiting for this decision. Among other things, the two feared the RCMP would kill them if they did not plant the fake RCMP bombs.)

And right now as I am writing this CBC TV is telling us how much
we NEED Bill C51… They create the fear, and then they give us the solutions.

Jack Etkin:
The Bridge News Service
Citizens Forum

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