Community TV and the CRTC “Hearing”

The following email was sent to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC):

To whom it may concern:

Many residents of our community do not want to have cable TV because it is full of consumerism, trash culture and its high cost. Still, in a democratic society, these citizens should have the right to manage, produce and view their own Community TV.

But when the CRTC says: “Cable companies will continue to have the stewardship of the community channel on behalf of their subscribers as they have for decades. The CRTC was not persuaded that this successful model should be changed.” … The CRTC shows little care about these citizens and their ability to take on the responsibility of their community TV, and citizens are told to accept that giant cable companies which dominate all the air waves and communications are also here to manage our community TV.

Furthermore, the CRTC’s views are no different then the claims of Shaw Cable. Shaw’s lawyer dared to falsely claim that: “This ongoing stewardship role [of Shaw cable] is critical. It is one of the reasons that Shaw is adamantly opposed to proposals by CACTUS and others to expropriate the community channel. Such an approach would be met with strong opposition by the vast majority of our customers who embrace and trust the role of Shaw TV in their communities.” … Our volunteers do not want to expropriate our own Community TV, it is more then pathetic to hear that from Shaw Cable, the one who is actually expropriating our Community TV, and that claim was nothing but an insult after an injury.

We all know that profits are the bottom line for corporations, like Shaw Cable, not the well being of our community. The vast majority of citizens, which Shaw claims to care about and is “aware” of their points of view, are only consumers and subscribers in the eyes of Shaw Cable, and also in the eyes of the CRTC.

The problem here is not the motivations of these cable companies that own and manage all communications and media outlets, including our own community TV. The problem is the motivation of the CRTC itself. You are the problem when you do not represent the interests of Canadians and follow the line of corporate interests and its culture.

You had a chance to correct your regulations, to provide a secure space for Community TV, but you scrapped and shrunk the old regulations. So really, who are you working for?? What are Parliament and the minster of heritage doing about your miserable performance? Or they are the ones who failed to carry on their responsibilities??

Victoria Community Television Association (VCTA).

The email was Cc to: PM Justin Trudeau, the minster of heritage Melanie Joly, MP. Elizabeth May, MP. Murray Rankin, MP. Randall Garrison, MLA. John Horgan, MLA. Rob Fleming, MLA. Lana Popham, MLA. Maurine Karagianis, MLA. Carole James, the various national and provincial media outlets.

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