Canada’s Media Undermines Democracy

By Controlling What We Are Told.

(Aug. 18, 2016) Here is one example: The Globe and Mail warned on August 15 that Canada will lose thousands of Auto jobs if we don’t give more money to General Motors and the rest. In the story a Union leader talk about ‘unprecedented’ impacts, while the industry itself says they need more money from Canada, or jobs will go. (Auto parts makers urge funding revamp: p. B1)

Now Here’s the Manipulation: The story talks about two choices … Give the Industry Millions – or – Lose the Jobs. But there are choices The Globe doesn’t tell us about – because Corporate Canada doesn’t want us knowing about these choices.

The Globe story doesn’t talk about the Auto Pact – or getting out of NAFTA.

The Auto Pact: The Canada / U.S. Auto Pact was in place from about 1965 until ended by NAFTA after 1994. The Auto Pact ‘said’ that for every car SOLD in Canada, one car had to be MADE in Canada. So when Canadians bought cars … cars were made in Canada. And Canadians got jobs. That was the Auto Pact. It gave us jobs. But it DIDN’T maximize corporate profit. So Corporate Canada and their Politicians and Media got rid of it.

Now The Globe and Mail tells us we have to give more Millions to big business or jobs will disappear. But The Auto Pact and getting rid of NAFTA aren’t mentioned by Canada’s Media except to laugh at the idea and tell us NAFTA is wonderful.

DEMOCRACY? No Canadian politician will talk about getting rid of NAFTA because they are afraid of The Corporate Media. And who can blame them? But when the Corporate Media has this kind of power, it says our democracy is gone. Canadians must accept that sad fact, and start to work to get our democracy back.

It Really is time for a change: Canadians need Television, Radio, and Newspapers THAT WORK FOR US. Corporate Canada is not going to give us these things. But if we recognize the problem and focus on it, we can find answers.

On every issue … social, environmental, economic, etc … things would be better if we had an honest media that worked for us. That’s what we have to get.

Jack Etkin:
The Bridge News Service
Citizens Forum

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2 thoughts on “Canada’s Media Undermines Democracy

  1. Our schools and the Corporate media define democracy, and it is a long shot away from a democracy.
    Rulers cannot abide that the people have representatives, therefore we have political parties


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