Bell Media and GMO


G M O FOODS: Why would Bell Media say there is NO evidence of danger when there IS evidence of danger?

Aug. 31, 2016:  CFAX Radio in Victoria is owned by Bell Media. On August 29th, one of their hosts said there is Zero Evidence GMO foods are harmful in any way.

That’s fine, except there IS evidence GMOs are harmful.  (see bottom)

The host certainly doesn’t have to believe the evidence GMOs are harmful. He can talk about ‘industry evidence’ saying GMOs are safe. But how can he say there is NO evidence GMOs are harmful – when there IS evidence.

I contacted the host and asked him to correct what he had said. He didn’t think there was anything to correct. Fair enough. I also contacted Bell Media … no response yet.

So Bell Media – which also owns CTV – thinks it’s fine to tell Canadians there is no evidence GMOs are harmful.  But there IS evidence. So Bell is giving us false information about an important health issue. And they are OK with that? Is Bell also misinforming us about other important issues?

This can be easily corrected. It’s not a big deal. But if Bell won’t correct this, then what is going on with our media. Does Bell feel they have the right to give us false information whenever they want?  We are talking about the Safety of our Food Supply. How dare Bell Media tell us there is no evidence of danger … when there IS evidence of danger.

‘The scientific literature is full of studies showing that engineered corn and soya contain toxic or allergenic proteins.’

Dr. Thierry Vrain, retired Research Scientist.  Health Canada,

OR: GE Food & Your Health.

Corporate Control of our media is one of Canada’s biggest problems.
It really is time to fix this.

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