Little Democracy Left in Canada

Corporations Run Our Governments – Own Our Media – Control Trudeau

Our problems are deeper than Homelessness and High House Prices and Health Care and Pipelines. These things – and many more – are just ‘the symptoms’. Our real problem is that our Democracy and our Media are owned by Corporate Canada. It is this problem that underlies all the others.

Canadians now have very little voice in how our country is governed. Our Politicians and our Governments don’t work for us. They work for Corporate Canada. Our top politicians have sold us out in exchange for nice jobs, good salaries, and great pensions. Those politicians are doing very well – we pay. One Small Example: 80% of Canadians want ‘GMO foods’ labeled. But Corporate Canada doesn’t want them labeled. So they aren’t. GMO foods are poisonous and a major environmental threat. But we have to eat them because the people who run Canada don’t care what we want. We Canadians are irrelevant in our own country, and THAT is what must change if we want to solve our problems.

Corporate Canada is destroying our country because that’s how they make the most money. The Trade Deals. The Homeless. The High House Prices. The Wait Lists. The Cancer. All for corporate profit. WE are in debt … while one stupid bank – RBC – makes $10 Billion a year. THEY don’t pay taxes – WE can’t afford schools or health care. And none of this is by accident, this IS the corporate plan for Canada. And the Corporate Plan is working because THEY own The Media and THEY control Our Governments.

If we want to win, we have to restore some semblance of democracy in Canada. We need Government OF, BY, and FOR the People. Not ‘Government Of the Corporation’ as we now have.

Every step we can take towards democracy will bring good results in ALL the battles we are fighting. Most of us want similar things .. good communities, decent jobs, a clean environment, a nice society, and a future. But Corporate Canada only wants money and power – and is happy to poison and murder us to get them.

THIS is the real fight we have to win. The fight for Democracy. And it can be done. But first we have to put some focus on it. That’s happening, but slowly. If you’re interested in going in this kind of direction, please contact me.

Jack Etkin:
The Bridge News Service
Citizens Forum

And check our Facebook Page and our Links’ page for a list of interesting websites…

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