The Site C Issue: The Tale of Two Voting Systems

By Richard Habgood.

BC’S Site C dam is a very contentious issue. On one side, you have Premier Clark and Energy Minister Bennett, who are determined to build a dam that they say is necessary for future electrical needs and to power an LNG industry. Opponents contend that if BC does need the power, we can get it from less expensive renewable resources and without infringing on First Nations rights or destroying farmland that could feed a million people.

So how does the electoral voting system play into this scenario?

First Past the Post:

The 2013 BC Provincial election, using our first past the post (FPTP ) voting system, saw the Liberals win 44% of the popular vote but in doing so they gained 58% majority of seats in the Legislature. BC’s FPTP voting system awarded the provincial Liberals a “false majority ” government with a minority of votes. And because they gained a slim majority of seats, they have governed as if they have a mandate to do what they want and build Site C. Continue reading

Thomson Family Blocks Elizabeth May From Globe and Mail Debate.

Don’t like it?
CALL 416 364-8700

(Aug. 26): Canada’s Richest Family, the Thomsons, own the Globe and Mail. And they won’t let The Green Party into ‘their’ debate. Elizabeth May supports Democracy, a better and fairer Canada, and protecting our planet. And Canadians WANT to hear about these things.

What can we do? The Thomson’s Holding Company, Woodbridge, owns the Globe and Mail. The CEO of Woodbridge is Mr. David Binet, at 416 364-8700. I’m sure he’d be happy to pass your message along to the family.
Perhaps we peasants will yet be ‘allowed’ to hear Elizabeth May speak.

Jack Etkin:
The Bridge News Service

Is There Any Democracy In Our Election?

Corporate Media Won’t Let Elizabeth May
Into Their Debates …

(Aug. 14, 2015): The Corporate Media says Elizabeth May doesn’t have the seats to get into the Corporate debates. The Greens don’t have the seats, but they DO have the VOTES.

In the last election, the Greens got about 600,000 votes,
and the Conservatives 6 million.
The Greens elected 1 MP, the Conservatives 166.

Canada has a voting system where ten times the votes gets 166 times the seats. Corporate Canada LOVES this voting system and will not allow us to change it.

Now, The Corporate Media are using the phony results of THEIR voting system to keep Elizabeth May out of their debates. And why? Because they don’t want Canadians to hear what she has to say.

THAT is the sad state of our Democracy
in Canada today.

Jack Etkin:
The Bridge News Service