Community TV and the CRTC “Hearing”

The following email was sent to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC):

To whom it may concern:

Many residents of our community do not want to have cable TV because it is full of consumerism, trash culture and its high cost. Still, in a democratic society, these citizens should have the right to manage, produce and view their own Community TV.

But when the CRTC says: “Cable companies will continue to have the stewardship of the community channel on behalf of their subscribers as they have for decades. The CRTC was not persuaded that this successful model should be changed.” … The CRTC shows little care about these citizens and their ability to take on the responsibility of their community TV, and citizens are told to accept that giant cable companies which dominate all the air waves and communications are also here to manage our community TV. Continue reading

Surviving Thoughts

By Will Smith.


This is not a fluffy-bunny post, so if you are offended by Reality 1.x stop reading now.

Watching a bunch of my South Vancouver Island neighbours being carted off by the police because they don’t want their drinking water poisoned did not make me sleep well last night. I woke up at 2 AM thinking about it, then went and found “Man’s Search for Meaning” by Viktor Frankl and read it. I hadn’t been able to get into it before simply because I have lived with Polish, German and French POW campers in Europe, so before when I had tried to read it, it simply triggered me into the horror stories I had already heard. But last night I managed to read the whole book and have excerpted the passages which jumped out at me, which seem important to me under the current circumstances.

The point is simply this: who we become is determined by the choices we make in each moment of Now, whether we react to adversity with love and kindness, or fear and hatred. No one can blame their reactions on someone else, no matter how horrible the experience. Continue reading

God Must Be Laughing at Us Little Monkeys

By Will Smith.

The penny finally dropped for me last night at the «Emanu El Goes to Pot» panel discussion at my local synagogue. I could feel my consciousness changing as people spoke. This is a brief synopsis of the shift.

In school, family and society, I was taught that human civilization is making progress, and that our job as good citizens is to elect politicians who will make the world a better place for ourselves and our children.

Last night, I heard about how 70 years ago, a decision by lawmakers in Canada and later the US was made with little logical consideration but lots of racial slurs and vilification. For this long, our families and indeed our whole society have been affected by this decision. Tens of millions of people (including some of my own close relatives) have died early simply because of this! Continue reading

Harper Terror Plan

Stephen Harper’s Plan To Fake A ‘Terror-Bombing’ in Victoria BC And Blame it on ‘The Muslims’.

And the Media betrays us by pretending ‘the official story’ is true.

(May 3, 2015) A ‘show trial’ is now underway in Vancouver. A troubled young couple, John Nuttall and Amanda Korody, were entrapped, manipulated, and terrified by undercover RCMP agents into planting fake bombs – supplied by the RCMP – on the grounds of the BC Legislative Buildings on Canada Day 2013. They are now on trial.

An RCMP Plot: This entire bomb ‘plot’ was in fact staged by the RCMP, presumably on orders from Stephen Harper, who is controlled by Corporate Canada. The young couple who are on trial could NEVER have carried out this plan without a major RCMP operation to trick them. Plus … the couple feared they would be murdered if they did not carry out the bombing. Continue reading

Consciousness Shifts

By Will Smith.

Over my lifetime, as my consciousness has changed, I have tried to live in places which honour human life and the planet. Costa Rica and Canada were both deliberate choices in this regard.

Now that Canada is bombing a place that few in Canada even know anything about “Just Cuz” they’ve got a buncha mercenaries in shiny Toyotas running around, I realise that this is an impossible task, and that in fact it is silly – this planet is a place where we are spozed to learn one main thing:

It is impossible to solve social problems by killing people. Continue reading