Why is Christy Clark Poisoning British Columbia?

No Fracking

No Fracking

(June 23, 2015) Christy Clark does not work for the people of BC, and nor does she care about us. Christy works for Corporate Canada, and they will make a lot of money by poisoning us. Christy’s job is to help them.

Corporate Canada wants BC’s oil, gas, water, metals, forests, and etc. And they have no intention of reducing their profits by one penny to protect the environment, or the people who live here. Continue reading

Mount Polley Cover-Up Continues

Mount Polley Disaster

Mount Polley Mine Tailings Pond Collapses: A major environmental disaster occurred in British Columbia, Canada in early August when a man-made lake filled with contaminated water and toxic mine waste collapsed and contaminated the surrounding area. The incident took place in the Cariboo region of BC involving an area including Quesnel Lake, the Fraser River and much more. Mount Polley mines copper and gold. Millions of cubic meters of water, ground up rock, and chemicals were stored in the ‘pond’ which was about 4 sq. km. in size.

According to Environment Canada, many tonnes of Arsenic, Mercury, Lead, Cadmium and a variety of other toxins were loosed into the surrounding area.  Some of these toxins are dangerous at ANY level of exposure. Continue reading

The Mount Polley Inquiry Is A Cover-Up

After only two weeks, it looks as if the Mining Industry and our Corporate Politicians and Media are successfully sweeping the entire disaster under the rug.

Mount Polley may be the single biggest man-made environmental disaster’ in the history of the province. But that was last week. As of August 19th the problem seems to have been ‘contained’.

The Government has put in place an ‘Independent Inquiry’. The province’s Corporate Owned Media are moving on to new stories. And the opposition NDP will barely say the word ‘environment’. Everyone is just worried about ‘restoring public confidence in the mining industry’ … so they can do it to us again.